Abundance is about knowing that the world, humankind and the whole of the Universe is for you, and not against you. We are all on the same side, the side of Life. We are living in the illusion that we have to fight to be able to survive. That we have to compete with other in order to get something that we want. This is the very basis of and reason for our existence. Only by fighting mercilessly, competing for the ultimate, have the best genes survived to create life on this planet today. This urge to fight for ourselves, to be…

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Inspired by Mary Magdalen

Photo by Bambos Demetriou (www.unmaskphotography.com)

This blog has been inspired by a book, The Magdalen Manuscript. A Sister from England recommended it to me and it sparked my interest. I posted a message on Facebook asking if anyone had a copy I could borrow, and surely enough a Sister living in a town close by did. She had just picked it up the day before, thinking that she would like to lend it out to someone. I went to pick it up right away and started reading on my way back. Just the introduction resonated so much with me, that I was laughing and crying in the…

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Love destroys everything

Yes, that is what love does. The path of love is a destructive one. Love destroys everything that does not unconditionally fill us with love. Love destroys what has come into your life through fear. Every moment in your life you choose between love and fear. In every moment you can decide if you choose the path of love or the path of fear. Often we choose fear. Fear warns us for danger, and fear helps us survive. Fear builds walls around us to keep the unknown out. Fear teaches us habits to ensure that no unexpected peril can surprise…

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