Human Design Insights: the Solar Plexus center

The Solar Plexus center is the emotional wave. The movement of expansion and contraction that we feel as emotions.

Location of the Solar Plexus in the Bodygraph

Whatever exists in the Now, the emotional center enlarges it, so it cannot escape our attention. This is how it is a center of awareness, it creates awareness through feeling.

The funny thing about emotions – which we often don’t realise – is that they are not caused by anything. They are not big or small because of a certain reason outside of the simple mechanism of expansion and contraction. When you have a defined emotional center, you go from low to high to low as steadily as the oceans move from eb to flow to eb constantly, without stopping.

When we don’t recognise this natural flow, we start looking for reasons as to why we feel a certain way – but there is none and there has never been any. If you feel angry at someone for being late, it is because at that moment you are experiencing the feeling of anger – not because the person is late. Perhaps you remember another time when someone was late, and you were much more forgiving – or even happy about it?

Blaming and shaming are the shadow of the solar plexus. They are the result of the inability to take responsibility for one’s own emotion or experience, and instead giving the responsibility to someone else. At best this is useless, at worst it is extremely harmful.

Healing your solar plexus center (whether defined or undefined) is a lifelong project of learning to be aware of everything you feel and allowing it to be, while at the same time being aware that what you feel is always your experience alone. Emotions cannot be denied. We cannot hide them or make them go away. They need to be expressed and will always be expressed – if not now, then later; if not to another, then to oneself.

So allow emotions, be angry, be sad, be joyful, be pleased, and take out the blame and the shame. Enjoy them as if you are watching your own little drama play out on the stage of life.

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