Human Design Insights #3: the Throat center

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All roads lead to Rome, Ra Uru Hu said about the Throat center. All the energy in the body moves towards

Location of the Throat center in the Bodygraph

expression. In other words, everything that happens inside you moves towards the surface. That is why the Throat center is the center of manifestation. The surface is where things become real, our senses can perceive the energy here. A thought, a feeling, an intuition, a desire, a need, or a response does not truly exist until it is expressed.

This is why the sacral center needs to respond to something outside themselves. As long as anything that happens in you remains under the surface, it means very little to the other. Fortunately energy is like air to the water of our physical body – it always rises to the surface. Whether you like it or not, you are expressing what is going on inside you constantly.

When you have a defined throat, you have a specific voice, and a specific message to express. That voice is the expression of the channel(s) that define your throat center. When you have an undefined throat with dormant gates defined in the open throat center, you have potential for a specific voice, which is activated when you are invited to express. With a completely open throat you are the gateway for many voices to be expressed.

It sometimes seems that in the world today, the Throat center is the only center we are aware of having. Everything is about manifestion and expression – and usually not about much more than that. We communicate superficially. Facebook is a beautiful example of this. Here on Facebook we only experience the expression of the throat center, and nothing of the energy the existed before it came out here on our screens.

And regardless of your definition, our voice is always filtered by the mind. We express responses in the form of thoughts, emotions in the form of opinions, intuition in the form of facts and judgements. And in this process we preferable hide the confusion, doubt and insecurity that is usually what is most present in our minds.

And there is nothing wrong with that, this is what the throat center does. We have the freedom to choose what we do and do not express. My throat center is defined to express guidance and teaching, so that is what I choose to do. And it is what feels most true for me. I don’t express emotions, because that is not my definition and therefore it is not as important to me.

Regardless of whether throat center is defined or undefined in you, your throat needs to be open and relaxed. Instead of fixating what you say by trying to say the right things or holding in what you would love to express, let it flow. Sing, dance, laugh, cry, shout, cough, burp, make weird noises – and be silent, don’t contribute to a conversation you are not interested in, retreat when you feel like it. Freeing your expression is the most important thing you can do, because when the throat center flows freely, everything that flows towards it resonates with this freedom and your whole being will be more balanced.

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