Human Design Insights #11: The Ajna center

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Human Design Insights #11: The Ajna center

The location of the Ajna center in the Bodygraph

The Ajna center is the archive of our mind. All facts, stories, ideas, beliefs that we carry around are stored here. The Ajna filters the information/vibration that enters our consciousness through the Head center and selects what it retains based on whether the information is in any way significant. This is not a process that we have control over, but it is the process that creates the world we live in.

We do not consciously decide which information is important to us and which is not. In the Head center we are conscious of which information comes in or repeats itself in our mind. The collection of information through the Ajna center is a process of the subconscious and tuned into the whole of our being. It hears what it needs to hear and sends that information through the nervous system into our whole body/being.
If your Ajna center is open, there is no fixed definition of what information will have priority. In other words, you will store all information until further notice. And the further notice is the definition in the rest of your design. For example, if you have a defined Solar Plexus with an open Ajna, your Ajna will be open to thinking about all sorts of information, but stories and beliefs that have to do with your emotional experience will more likely stick around and have priority in your thought process.
Other than that, the Ajna center can be defined through others or the energy transits. This means that if you are speaking with a person with a defined Ajna center, the information that they find important, will appear important to you as well. When you are away from their definition however, you will once again have your open mind and most likely re-evaluate what they said to see if it actually resonates with you. More often than not, it will be a lot less important than it seemed while you were with them.
A defined Ajna center has a very specific way of processing information. You will only be interested in the information that you are fixed to process, and therefore all other information will most likely just pass you by.
The division of definition in the Ajna center among humanity is about 50-50. This means we have a beautiful potential here for interaction. Those with defined Ajnas are here to use their sense of mental certainty to create concepts, ideas, beliefs, stories, theories, and all things of non-grounded communication – and those with undefined Ajna centers are here to filter that information and bring it down into the rest of the body in a form that resonates pleasantly.
The process is of course more nuanced than this, but the reason I describe it is that usually the process is reversed. As it is our genetic imperative to seek what we are not, those with open Ajnas are often thinking their minds into insanity trying to create some kind of certainty, while those with defined Ajnas are going crazy because they don’t understand or believe themselves.
With an open Ajna, you will never have a clue. You will never find answers to any questions, because you are not equipped to find them. You are here to filter information, not to hold onto it. If you have a defined Ajna, then you have a specific way of thinking and your will not change your mind easily. Give yourself space to love your thoughts and the treasure that they are.
And for all it is important to not take the mind that seriously. It is a beautiful tool to help us process the world that we live in. It keeps us alive and – if working properly – sane. But it has NO CLUE of what actual truth is and where it is found. If you think that anything that goes through your mind is true, you will quickly drive yourself crazy. (I mean, look at the world, we have all completely lost our minds.) As long as you can remember that every thought you have is never more than an approximation of possible truth, you will have no trouble. 😉

Comments (2)

  1. Alexandra Konczak

    What are jobs suited for Defined Ajna/Throat people?

    1. Gebruiker avatar

      Hi Alexandra,

      Thank you for your question!

      The most important thing for people with an ajna-throat connection is to be recognised for the value of their voice.

      They are able to see things and give voice to things that other people don’t even consider.

      The best way to work towards such a job – and having your voice valued – is, ironically, by learning when to stay silent.

      Ajna-throat people have the tendency to share their opinion too soon and too often. They are afraid that they won’t be able to say what they have to say and so they cannot wait for the right time to say it.

      The right time is when theh have been asked – invited – to share. That is when people really make space and are ready to hear their input.

      When they don’t want to be asked they will come across as a know-it-all who interrupts people and whose opinion is more bothersome than valuable.

      The longer they hold their opinion too themselves, the more valuable it becomes. The more they recognise the value of their input, the more others will be able to see it too.

      That recognition will not come easy. First work on becoming expert and having a priceless point of view, then work toward and teaching, advisory or guiding position somewhere.

      Of course if there is more definition in their chart, that also needs space and expression. The whole of a person forms the unique contribution they make to the world.

      Above all, it is important to follow the flow of life. To get to know themselves, get to know their inner truth and follow that to the places and people that are right for them.

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