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of your direction in this life

Welcome to Eraani, a place to rest in what is

You’ve had a long journey, and still a long way to go. The old life is behind you, but what does the new life look like? Let’s look at your roadmap together. In this we find clarity and space to be.

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Human Design Realistic and Embodied

My name is Ariane. For the past 14 years, I have been looking at the world through the lens of Human Design. It set me on a unique path. I learned the abundance that follows surrender and acceptance. I am here to guide you on your unique path. Are you ready to choose your own path?

You are perfect, exactly as you are now

Let me explain why. Let’s invite the critical voice in your head for a conversation. Your stream of thoughts will never be the same again.

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A Human Design reading

Diving into who you are and your purpose in this life.

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Grounding deeply into your unique way of being.

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What others say

Many thanks to these people for sharing their experience of a reading with me

Embodied wisdom, generous, personal and authentic.
Those are words that come to mind when I think about my experiences with Ariane. I have done a number of readings with her, both for myself and as a partner reading with my boyfriend, and also gave one as a gift to my sister.
Well.. Im a fan. Ariane has a lot of knowledge, which is definitely an advantage, but its about more. And this is exactly what it is. Because how do you use that knowledge in a wise way, right for the moment, with which you are of service to the other and you are also true to yourself? I see that art of living in her, and I learn a lot from it.
In addition, every reading or meeting is a gift full of insights, aha’s, connection and fun. In short: highly recommended!

Charlotte Sederel

Ariane is one of the most competent and careful Analysts.

Instead of a bunch of quick and ambiguous questions, Human Design uses centers, channels, gates, profiles, and more to give you insight into the complexity and depth of each individual. I was able to learn and understand more, thanks to Arianes explanation of how Human Design transcends dichotomy of good and bad, fulfillment and failure, and even strengths and weaknesses. Ariane helped me to accept and use all these concepts. Ariane is one of the most competent and caring Analysts. She shares her own life experience and mined knowledge, to contribute to your happiness in life.

Joël Leuwener

After Arianes reading, I had more clarity about what I didnt have to worry about.
This has made a big impact on how I look at and deal with life. It has ensured that pieces in me could heal by giving it peace. And I have more energy left for where it does matter. I now understand what is mine and what is someone elses. I have also been able to make more peace with who I am and how I work. Thank you for that, it has changed my life.

Jasmijn Labadie
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