Love destroys everything

Yes, that is what love does. The path of love is a destructive one. Love destroys everything that does not unconditionally fill us with love. Love destroys what has come into your life through fear.

Every moment in your life you choose between love and fear. In every moment you can decide if you choose the path of love or the path of fear.

Often we choose fear. Fear warns us for danger, and fear helps us survive. Fear builds walls around us to keep the unknown out. Fear teaches us habits to ensure that no unexpected peril can surprise us. Fear tells us stories so we can understand the world around us. Fear holds on to what feels safe and keeps a distance from what feels scary.

Fear is never stronger than love.

Love thunders right through all the illusions of fear. She seduces you continually to choose her path.

Fear takes you along the safe, but long and dark route. Love knows a shortcut. Her path is filled with light and freedom – and destruction.

Love teaches you to live fearlessly. From the day you are born, you learn to survive even if you are not given unconditional love. Fear kept you alive. Fear helped you move along. Now you no longer need fear to survive. You can live in unconditional love and let go of what fear taught you.

When you choose love, destruction sets in. Your walls are torn down, your habits are lost, you stop believing the stories. The illusions that fear deceived you with fall apart.

You will know that you are on the path of love when you see destruction wreak havoc around you. When you feel love flowing through you, even when things you held dear are being destroyed.

If there is no destruction – if everything stays the same, you stay the same; if you keep following the same patterns, the same habits, even though they do not fill you with vitality, joy and love -, then fear remains. When you remain afraid of the things you used to fear, then you are not on the path of love. Then you are stuck in fear.

Even when you have chosen the side of love, you will see with increasing clarity the aspects of your life where fear lingers. Where you are afraid to let of. The things you cannot destroy, because you can’t survive without (yet).

That is fine. Love is generous and does not judge. Love grants you everything you need, including fear.

The more power love is granted, the weaker fear becomes. There will be more and more moments where love conquers fear and destroys mercilessly what is in her way. You see entire dimensions of your life sink into the ground right before your eyes. That is when you know that is is good that it is breaking down. That destruction is a good thing.

That you can survive, even without fear eliminating dangers. Because there is no true danger.

The universe is a circle of creation and destruction. Nothing is ever truly destroyed – it just changes form. We think destruction is a bad thing. Evil. We are afraid of it, because we do not see the beauty and necessity of destruction. Without destruction there can be no creation.

What was there before the creation of the universe? The destruction of the universe. It is a cycle. We end up where we started. It is a contraction and an expansion, contracting and expanding into infinity.

The destruction we see in human life is a reflection of the destruction that takes place in the universe. If we see a start explode and die, we don’t see something terrible. We don’t cry about it. We are not mad at it. We don’t try to change it.

We see how beautiful it is that a natural cycle takes place.

But when something in our life is destroyed, we cry, we are angry, we try to change it. We cannot recognise that what is being destroyed is making a space for something new.

We can hold on to what we think is good our entire lives, but there will never be space for new creation. There is no room for love to take over and manifest growth. And then we stay stuck in the world of fear. Choosing love allows you to not just survive, but to truly live.

For love to take over your life, destruction needs to happen.

It is the cycle of the universe.

The personification of the destructive force of love is Hindu goddess Kali. Kali is the goddess of time and change. She destroys what is no longer needed, so new beauty can be born. The Kali Yantra symbolises this cycle. You can see the Kali Yantra in the image below. Meditating with the Kali Yantra and a Mantra in which you envoke the goddess Kali can help recognising and accepting the natural cycle of creation and destruction.

Example of a powerful Kali Mantra:

ॐ क्रीं कालिकायै नमः
Om Krim Kalikaye Namah
“I bow to Goddess Kali”



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