How do I make the right decisions?

Our path in life is determined by the choices we make, every day, every minute. So we take those choices very seriously. We take the time to think them over. We listen to the advice of others. We make pro and con lists. We do everything to make sure that we make the right decision. We want to be sure that we will end up in the right place, looking back on our decision-making with a content smile.

What if I told you all this thinking is completely useless? That’s right, it’s unnecessary. The mind has no idea what to do. It has no clue what the right decision is. That is why it is thinking so hard, why it is comparing arguments, trying to reason which is the right one. Because it doesn’t know. And contrary to what it tells you, it will never know.

Yes, afterwards, it will tell you that it knew all along what the right decision was. It will say, I knew from the beginning! Our brains are very smart that way. It likes to pretend it is in control. That it is in charge of every choice you ever make. But that is just an illusion.


There is a correct path for you, and you are on¬†it right now. But your mind is not behind the wheel. Your¬†consciousness is not moving you. Your body is, unconsciously, doing all the work. While the conscious mind takes credit. Your body makes the decisions. Your body moves left or right. Your body says yes or no. And then it unconsciously sends a message to your brain, informing you of the decision that was made. A message that the mind then¬†explains in the language you can understand: reason. “I am doing this, because… bla, bla, and bla.” It always makes sense.

Except when it doesn’t. When your choice doesn’t play out the way you hoped it would, your mind translates it as a mistake, as misfortune, as if you made the wrong choice. More thinking and rationalising will be needed to fix it. Why did it go wrong? Who is responsible? How do we do better next time?

What a job the mind has given itself, imagining all the possibilities in the universe and then finding the one that is best. Knowing every minute of every day what is the right direction to move in. Calculating risk against reward. Imagining the future to predict what will happen. Imagining the past to learn from all the mistakes that have been made before. It seems impossible!

That’s because it is. Fortunately for the mind, that is not its job at all. If it were, how could there¬†ever be¬†a decision? If you can¬†think of¬†all the possibilities in the universe, how do you ever discern the one that is right for you? The possibilities are infinite.

We are not infinite. Humans are limited. We are limited by our bodies, by our circumstances, by the very individual and specific path we are here on earth to take. That means we are not here to live out infinite possibilities. We are here to live out one very specific possibility Рthe possibility of your individual existence.


We have our mind to be able to be aware of the infinite possibilities of the universe. Through imagination we can become aware of everything that we are as well as everything that we are not. Making exactly this distinction allows us to recognise what is our path, and what is not. If the mind would adhere to that one job, it would be very simple to make the right decisions all the time.

But the mind thinks that all those possibilities it can imagine are¬†actual possibilities. It thinks these things could actually happen. So it distracts us constantly by telling us that – no, we cannot just be busy with being who we are, we have to find ways to factor all those other¬†possibilities into our lives as well. Because, “what if..!

These are all processes that happen on the conscious level. We can watch the thoughts flying through our mind. Our unconscious body, meanwhile, is just going about its way. Just doing¬†its thing.¬†Existing.¬†Walking the path of our life. Basically, it is making the decisions you are constantly worrying about for you. All your consciousness –¬†you – really needs to do, is go with it. Sit back and watch the movie.


When trying to figure out what to do, surely you have heard the advice “listen to your gut,” “do what¬†feels right.” The feeling you get when you tune into this feeling¬†is a signal from your unconscious. It says, I know what to do, you can go with it.

What exactly is it that you can listen to, to tell you if you are on the right track? What feeling is right? Can you trust it? How do you know if it is right? Your Human Design chart gives you a concrete map, telling you exactly what in your body you can trust to tell you what is right for you Рwe call it your Authority. It shows you where your decision-making happens. When you start experimenting with Human Design you experiment with trusting this feeling.

Would you like to know more about your design? Take a look at the readings page or send me a message.


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