Generators: How to Wait for the Response

Q: “Wait to respond” for generators; what does that really mean? It doesn’t make sense to me that generators should wait a lot.

A: It is almost impossible for generators to wait and do nothing. You will rarely find generators doing nothing unless they are out of balance (depression or illness) or in hibernation/recovery mode. The strategy of generators is not about waiting, it is about not initiating.

Wait to respond is a moment-to-moment, day-to-day strategy. It is not wait… and then respond. It is Wait for the response. This means you can be busy busy with something, when suddenly you have a feeling – I want to go do something else. Instead of then just initiating and going to find something else to do – or to trying to think of something to do – just stay where you are.

Don’t initiate anything. Something will come that you can respond to. You are drawing it in by law of attraction. By making the decision to wait – by surrendering to the authority of your body – you send the very clear message of who you Are. And the whole universe will shift in place to accommodate you and your needs.

So, the strategy for generators is very simple. Don’t jump into action from a mind place. Recognise the need or the impulse and wait for the response, before you move. Only then it comes from you true authority.

If it is not a “Yes!”, it is a no.

The Sacral center is the authority and therefore the most important center for Generators. eraani-sacral-centerIt is the engine that multiplies life energy. It receives energy through response and has the power to multiply this energy into infinity. This is no abstract thing. You can look around you, everything has been built by the Sacral center, reproducing life energy. The Sacral can only REproduce. That means, it needs something to get started with. We are not self-starting cars. We need someone to turn the key. This is the magic of response.

The response comes in many forms. The most important one for generators to learn about is the Sacral sound. With the Sacral sound, I am referring to the sounds that come from deep in our bodies. From deep in the Sacral center, which in the body is located in the Pelvic area. We make Sacral sounds all the time. You can recognise them as grunts, huffs, moans and other noises we would rather associate with pre-historic times.

We learn early in our life that we should say “Yes, sir” and “No, sir.” Speak clearly and articulate yourself, is the norm. And especially, we are told to explain ourselves. If you make a decision, the most important part seems to be the reasoning behind it.

Yet, when it comes to Sacral decision making, there are no reasons involved. It is either “Yes, there is energy,” or “No, there is no energy.” This is the only thing the Sacral knows.

All those reasons are the business of the mind. When we speak, we utilise the language structures of our mind. The mind has the job of colouring everything that passes through it. So whatever you say, it is from the mind and not necessarily purely the message from the Sacral.

By noticing Sacral sounds, you can notice the messages of the Sacral center. Asking a generator a question, it is best to catch them unaware and preferably while chewing food. Not being able to use their words, they will grunt their answer. And then it is a very clear destinction between yes and no.

“Uh-huh” with the “huh” going slightly up in tone is the Sacral’s sound for “Yes!”

“Uh-uh” where the last “uh” is short and in a lower tone, is the Sacral’s sound for “No.”

Pronounce them out loud, and see how it feels. If you are a generator, practice these sounds so you can recognise them more and more in your everyday life. All day long you are responding to innumerable things. Usually these responses stay on the inside – they travel to the head and are transformed into judgements. When you sound them out loud, you can very clearly notice what happens in your energy and in your body as you say yes and no to life. Can you feel how the “Uh-huh” really has an opening vibration to it? Whereas “Uh-uh” feels more rejecting and closing down.

The key to waiting for the response, is to give your body the opportunity to respond and to listen to the sounds coming from within.

For example, you are behind the piano practising your favourite pieces. You are enjoying and in a nice flow. Suddenly you notice your stomach is empty. You start thinking about all the things you could eat and you are feeling hungry now.

You could just get up and go to eat something. No harm, no problem. It will probably be tasty. The other option is you can wait.

You stay behind the piano and keep doing what you are doing. This is the experiment. My prediction – actually, my certainty – is that something will happen for you to respond to. Like someone enters the room and invites you to lunch. You smell fresh baked bread. Or even something much more unlikely. Then you jump up – “Uh-huh!” the Sacral says, I am full of energy to eat!

The experience of eating from this response will be so much more enjoyable than it would be if you went from a mind initiation. When you go from your mind, usually your mind is the only one who fully agrees with the decision made. When you wait for the response, your whole body is going along with what you are doing. You are moving from a place of “Yuummmm, I’m so excited about food!” Rather than from a place of “Yeah, I should eat something…” (I wish I could act it out for you, because the difference is so physical).

Try it out for yourself. Notice what it feels like to say yes or no to the same question asked twice. What is the difference? Can you notice the same difference in other situations?

By initiating or jumping to action, you narrow all the possibilities in the universe down to one specific way that you expect it to happen. There could be a conviction in your mind “I will only eat if I prepare something for myself right now.” This is a thought that is not true, and still can be extremely pervasive. The truth is that there are endless possibilities for you to get to food. How can you say “Uh-huh!” to something if you don’t even know it is there? By initiating one way, you close down all the other ways your decision could have worked out.

Waiting to respond means being open to possibilities. It means making your decision with your own authority, and not based on the authority of others. How, what, when, and where, that is all unique and specific to you.

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“Generators, get out of your head! Respond!”



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