Why I am not worried about Trump

The way I see it, the “system” we are now living in (capitalism, democracy, globalisation) is coming to an end. The economic crisis of 2008, the Brexit, “terrorism” and now these elections are all very clear signs that the current state of collective being is falling apart.

In tangible terms, we are all deeply unhappy. We have more than ever! We are richer, healthier, happier and more peaceful than ever. Yet, so many people are not satisfied with their lives. This means to me that there is something “off” with the status quo. It can be better. And we are now moving towards a better world.

We believe that we are living in a free, democratic world. This is not the case at all. We are still slaves to money and power. This needs to change. We need a revolution.

In earlier times this went hand in hand with extreme blood and terror. The process now is somewhat more peaceful. The violence is more emotional than physical. The fear you are feeling, the pain, the sadness, the anger – this is our collective panic. We simple cannot go on like this. It is becoming too painful to live like this.

The whole situation is boiling over. A massive change is happening right now. I have personally experienced this repeatedly in my life. You probably have as well. When you really feel the pain, the fear – allow the panic to be. A sudden Awakening will happen. You realise that there are other options. You do not need to suffer. You have the opportunity to choose Love. When you choose love, the pain and fear dissolves. This is what is happening now.

Again and again, people are choosing love. And a Great Awakening is happening.

For the whole of the Collective to wake up – we need more boiling, more chaos, more fear, more panic. Panic is the catalyst for Awakening.

With Hillary the slumbering would have been dragged on. She was the option that was just fine. Everything would be ok with her – not good, but bearable. With Trump – nope. Trump brings absolute chaos and extreme friction (you can see this in his design). He will have the Planet boiling over.

The sooner the boiling over, the better. It won’t kill us. We will keep on exsiting. This Planet is absolutely determined to live! And we are this Planet. We will wake up and realise it is not necessary to suffer. We do not need to be unhappy in our lives. We can choose to enjoy life.

The “purpose” of life is Self-Awareness. We are vehicles through which the Universe , and our Planet, experiences itself – is Aware. We are now going to a Higher Awareness. The Chaos and Friction that Trump brings will be the catalyst for this.

Therefore I am very happy that this happened. I see a New World before me! A world where we live in Abundance, instead of fearing Lack. A world in which every individual is completely free to choose how they wish to lead their lives. A world in which we connect with one another out of unconditional love, not out of a fear of not being loved.

Every “disaster” is a step closer in the direction of this World. And so is this election.



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