Manifestor Wake up Call

Manifestors, let me speak to you directly. You have a very important decision to make, and I need you to not make it lightly.

To those who are not Manifestors, read along carefully and you will learn how to love the Manifestors around you even more.

Manifestors  Рwow, where do I begin? It is actually quite simple. You have superpowers. Abilities that no other type has and that all other types crave. So realise your blessing first of all Рand then realise the decision you have to make in life.


Do you choose to use your powers for good or for evil? 


This may seem like a silly question, but it is the most important one. It decides everything.

The effect of using your powers for “evil” is very real. Think about the Kings and Queens of the Past and the land and people they conquered and destroyed – the horrifying damage they did. Or think of Manifestors of more recent history¬†– George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin, Adolf Hitler – and the impact they have had on this planet.

Choosing to use their powers for good, a single Manifestor can change the course of humanity’s evolution with their awakening impact. The founder of Human Design,¬†Ra Uru Hu, was a Manifestor, whose impact is still waking up people every day. So was Al Gore – surely you remember “An Inconvenient Truth” and how it woke us up to the serious¬†impact of climate change.

So what exactly is this Super Power that Manifestors have? I have come to see it as the ability to independently make an impact. The power of the Manifestor is such, that their energy needs no help or permission to cross boundaries. Manifestor energy can create something out of nothing because of the sheer force of it. Manifestor energy moves from their power center (the ego, solar plex or root center), straight through to the surface, and with such force that it does not stop there. Like a rocket, their energy leaves the surface of their physical being and fires straight into everything around them.

Generators have to knock on doors,¬†Manifestors simply barge in – and the response of those inside will be “Oh, OK, hello, welcome, I guess!”

They are like a fire that is always burning. This fire can range from a small flame that brings light to those around it, to the explosion of an atom bomb, destroying everything in its vicinity.

I do not speak lightly about this, because there is nothing gentle or breezy about this. The Manifestor energy is beyond anything we imagine. They can force things to happen, they can make people do things. Their power is such that there is simple no choice for the other. I repeat, the ability to create something out of nothing.

So again, it is crucial to choose to use this power for evil or for good. What is the impact that you make? Do you kill or do you heal? Do you spread love or do you spread hate? For no other type is it more vital to be aware of their state of being than for Manifestors. Because Manifestor will see their intention directly reflected in their environment. The energy goes directly to the surface. So whatever happens within them, is manifested in the world around them.

So be aware of what happens inside you Рthe whole of you Рand notice how it is reflected in the world around you. Nothing happens to you. You happen to you. Everything that you encounter, is yourself.

This choice is not a one time choice. It is a decision that is made every single moment of every single day. The way you make the decision is by informing. Whenever you need or want something – inform. Whenever you encounter an obstacle on your path – something or someone that is in the way between you and the goal you want to reach –¬†inform.¬†Whenever you do not know what to do or how to move on –¬†inform.


Let people know how you are feeling. Let them know your deepest desires. Reveal your strategies, your plans.¬†Show your true Self, instead of just the version fabricated in your mind. Don’t go with what you¬†think will work to get the problem out of the way, but trust that when you inform from a place of truth the path will be cleared for you.


Not informing means choosing evil. It means insisting on your isolation from the world and moving towards your goals without any regard  for what happens around you. Trust me, this way you will encounter a lot of resistance. By informing, this resistance is easily moved out of the way. But if you refuse to inform, or if you are not aware that you need to, this resistance will give you great difficulty.

Most Manifestors deal with the resistance with Anger. Either they project their Anger outward, and burn the other with it. Or they project the Anger inward and burn themselves. Make no mistake, if you choose Anger instead of informing, this is what you will see in the world around you. If you are Angry, the whole world is angry with you. The angrier you are, the more angry the resistance you encounter will be. This means that you will spend your life fighting. All anger that you give the other Рthey will give back to you double. And you will spend all your energy trying to beat them Рbut you never will.

Because you are only fighting yourself and your refusal to be vulnerable.

If you think of the world around you as somehow less than you and therefore unworthy of being informed about your greatness, you are making a big mistake. You create your reality. For no other type is this more true than for Manifestors. Whatever energy is living inside you, that is what you are manifesting in the world around you.

You get exactly what you give. Wherever you encounter resistance, it is a sign that you are resisting yourself. Because no one and nothing has the power to stop you Рonly you yourself can do that. The only one who can match Superman, is Superman himself. So by fighting yourself Рyou are creating a world of Supermen around you. You give everything around you the power to fight you. And they will.

But if you just inform, they will move right out of your way. In fact, they will be ready and happy to support you in every way you need.

All you need to do is to stop thinking the world is against you. There is no need to fight, there is no need to be angry. Once you learn to inform about every step of your way, you will move through life in utter peace, creating the reality you wish to see. And the impact you will have is unimaginable. Remember, you are a King, a Queen. You are here to do big things. You are here to accomplish all your dreams Рand better!


If you are a Manifestor reading this right now thinking – this cannot be about me. I don’t have this power. I am not Superman. Then the fight has gotten to you. Then your own resistance to yourself has destroyed you. It has diminished you to a Shadow of your true Self. And this is your wake up call.

You see a world around you of people who are complacent and expectant, people who place the authority of their life outside of themselves Рand you may have come to believe that this is you as well. It is not. You are not here to work at  a job day in, day out. You are not here to live the life they told you is normal. You are not here to do anything anyone else tells you to do. You are your own authority. You are here to make an impact.

You are extraordinary. You are different. Everything you have always imagined you could be – that is who you are.

So get the fuck up and start creating your life! Don’t¬†wait for it to come to you. Because it will not. You can spend your whole life waiting, but that is not what you were designed for.

You are like a shark that is trying to climb a tree Рit looks like an idiot down under that tree, flopping around, accomplishing nothing. So jump into the ocean Рand you will realise that you a damn murder machine!

Stop letting your mind make you think that you are anything other than Pure Power. The Mind has no idea. It is incapable of making decisions. It has no power to move you. It is very good at making it seem like it is making the decisions. It will unravel everything you do and everything you see into endless ideas, plans, and reasons. All this only serves the illusion that you are not worthy, not loved, or not powerful. It needs to have these limiting beliefs in order to be able to exist in the world. Because the mind does not have the power your body has Рand it cannot imagine that once you really surrender to the power of the body, that it will ever go well.

It does not know, that you can accomplish anything if you only just inform.

You are Moses, standing in front of the Red Sea. As soon as you let the Sea know that you need to pass through – your impact will part the waters and allow you to move through effortlessly.

The mind is here to recognise your Inner Authority. All it learns and all it thinks is only in service of that. It is learning the difference between Outer Authority (recognition) and Inner Authority (action). Teach your mind to allow your Inner Truth to lead the way. There is no need to analyse everything. It is useless to go over everything over and over, trying to figure out what went right and wrong and how you should do it the next time. The Body knows. When you allow it, you will move effortlessly and in peace by informing the world around you about your intentions.

So now you know. There is no more denying that your Mind has no part in your action. There is only You. So what do you choose? Good or Evil? Informing or resisting? Healing the world or destroying it? It is up to you.

✲✲✲ You are the Creator of your Universe ✲✲✲

Now act like it.

A note on the different kinds of Manifestors.

✲ Emotional Manifestor: You create from your passion. You create drama. From ecstasy to desperation, your moods determine your life. Surrender to your emotional wave and take your time. (Learn more here)

✲ Ego Manifestor: You create what you want. Not what you think you want; what you actually need. You are a materialist. Life is all about money and value. Only what you can touch is true. Own it and learn to create from pure willpower. (Learn more here)

‚ú≤ Root Manifestor: Pressure rules your life. Stress is the name of the game. So learn how to relax as well. You don’t always have to be busy. Manifestation happens to you more than you bring it about. Relax into the process and follow the energy where it goes.¬†(Learn more¬†here)

‚ú¶ Would you like to know more about your design? Take a look at the readings page or send me a message.

✦ More information about Manifestors: An interesting Рdifferently natured Рarticle about Manifestors. An article about Auras, which is also important for Manifestors to know about. A video and another of Ra Uru Hu speaking of Manifestors.

✦ Are you a Manifesting Generator? Then your design is very different from that of a Manifestor! Read my articles about Generators and Manifesting Generators to understand more about those you impact.


  1. Yorgos

    Thank you for the article. As a manifestor who has not found the internal peace and thus lives in anger and isolation struggling to inform other people, i found it super inspiring.
    Thank you again.

  2. Patricia McCulley

    Just found out last week that I am a Manifestor. I have written 3 books on authenticity and freedom and have just started an academy of souls willing to be curious to introspect to uncover their true nature of Beings of love and light. Wow. I don’t have any degrees other than a B.S. in Public Health but have knowingly been on a spiritual path since my 20s and I’m now 81. I am a Numerology double 9. With this Human Design I feel very validated and understand myself even more.


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