Pray for Standing Rock

What I see happening in Standing Rock is the breakdown of the corrupt, unjust American system. We have no idea how insanely corrupt this system actually is. The lies they tell, the violence they commit, the people they kill, the beauty they destroy. All in the name of the big lie of the American Dream. It is not a Dream they sell – it is a nightmare. And they sell it well.

As I see the posters with “Black Friday” plastered on stores in my hometown, I realise how the power of this nightmare has taken over our whole world. In the most remote places of this Earth, you can buy the poison called Coca Cola. The American Dream has taken over this world. It is an empire that has conquered us under the illusion of Freedom and Democracy.

“The most powerful country in the world” should not be a thing. But it is the situation we are living in now. The U.S.A. set the tone. They decide the political climate. They decide who lives and who dies. Which country is legit and which is not. Which issue is known, and which is hidden. This is not O.K. and our toleration of this system is coming to an end.

I am so happy for the lie that rules our planet. I am so happy for the horror we are confronted with. Because we are finally getting to see what is actually going on. The lie is becoming exposed. And the Truth always wins. Love always wins. That is what is happening in all these protests, with all this terrible violence, chaos and suffering that is coming to the surface more and more every year – Love is Winning.

I keep hearing this song in my head, every time I see something American these days (which is a lot). ♫ Bye, bye, big American lie.

After having kept my distance from these kind of events, I feel myself now becoming more energetically involved. I am part of this revolution – as small as my part may be. My energy contributes to the collective and I feel my soul praying. Praying that I can do my part. Praying that I can be of service. Praying for the well being of those fighting. Praying for their success.

We are uniting as a Planet in our outrage against the injustice. I hope we increasingly transform this to Unification in Love.

We each need to realise our individual Power and our individual Responsibility for the state of our World.

It can be tempting to be taken over by anger and indignation and please allow it for as long as you need to. At the same time, realise more and more, that you are on the side of Love, Freedom, and Justice. So, when you are ready, embody those values. Forgive those who do wrong. Love those who upset you. Pray for those you Hate. It is the only way to truly be free.

Otherwise you only get stuck in the game – the game of good and evil. The illusion of black and white. Both colours are opposite ends of one spectrum. We come to this planet to play the game of back and forth – to challenge each other to evolve further. Love and hate, they are opposite two ends of one spectrum and in the end they are one. There are no others. There are no sides. We are all on the side of Humanity, the side of Life on Earth. We are One.

Once you embrace this truth, you step out of the game. You can see the whole. The evolution of Life on this Earth that is taking place right in front of our eyes.

So pick the side of Love and embrace all that is part of it. Including the hate, the evil, the injustice. And then you will find the way forward that is only Love.

This does not mean doing nothing. It does not mean stand by and accept everything.

It means that whatever action you take is True to who You are and comes from a place of Love. When you hate the other side you are just playing the same game. When you respond to violence with violence (whether physical, verbal, or mental) you are still on the side of violence.

Love is unconditional. This is a very simple concept. Love everything. Everything. Everything.

The more you realise what this means, the more you raise your individual vibration and with that, the Vibration of this whole Earth. When you stop the fighting in yourself, there is a little less violence in the world. That is your most important contribution.

When you move from there, you will truly make a difference. You change the game.

So I would like to name a few guidelines to this end:

  1. Take care yourself first. You can only take care of another, when you take care of yourself. Like oxygen masks on a plane – you put your own on, and then the other’s.
  2. Check your vibration whenever you remember. How are you feeling right now? Are you feeling upset, angry, lethargic? Peaceful, trusting, loving? Whatever you are feeling, realise that it is perfect and allow that feeling of perfection to be your core. From a disturbed place you can only manifest disturbance. You create what you are. If you are out of alignment with yourself, you only produce more of that. So find your alignment. Alignment feels good, it feels trusting and relaxed. When that is your core, you create a better world.
  3. Find your role in this world and open up to it completely. We are all one, because we are each a very specific puzzle piece. The puzzle does not work if everyone is trying to be the same puzzle piece. If you do not know which piece you are, you cannot do your part. Same, if you do not accept the puzzle piece you are, you are trying to fulfil the role of someone else. How do you find your role? Know yourself. Accept yourself. Love yourself. Your part is not what you think it is. It is just what it is. Allow yourself to be whatever it is that you are. Whatever your contribution is – whether it is on the front lines of the fight, or just clicking Like on a facebook post – be open to it. Resentment, anger, frustration do no one any good. When you are experiencing these feelings, relax into them, allow them and channel them into something True.
  4. Be open. God works in mysterious ways. There is no way of knowing today what tomorrow will bring. So if today there is nothing, tomorrow there could be everything. But only if you are open to it. So open up, unconditionally, to whatever is there. Allow it to permeate every aspect of your being. Know that opportunities are just around the corner.
  5. Pray. Set your intentions. Choose your desired reality every morning when you wake up. Return to your Truth every moment that you feel out of alignment. Don’t be afraid to dream of the greatest, best, most beautiful scenario you can imagine and know that it may just actually come true.

♡♡♡ Thank you for being here. You are perfect, worthy, and loved in every way. Bless you ♡♡♡



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