What Waiting for the Invitation actually means for Projectors

Before I begin this article, let’s first relax a little. Don’t worry, this will not take long – I will get to the information right after this. Just humour me for a bit, and try this out.

Take a deep breath. And another one. Feel how the air fills your lungs. Notice your legs, how do they feel? What about your stomach, your chest, your shoulders, your throat, and your head? Scan them one by one. Take a few more deep breaths. Sigh a little, let out some sound on the exhale. Now, close your eyes and feel for a bit. Then continue reading when you feel like it.

Do you feel that? Do you feel your body? How do you feel? Let me just take a wild guess and say, you feel exhausted. I know I do. I have known I am a projector for seven years now. For seven years I have rested, taken it easy, slowed down and still, I am tired.

Now this statement “I am tired,” I will unpack it in a little bit. But first, I just want to give you some recognition. I understand how tired you are, and it’s okay. If you would rather take a nap right now, please go and do it. There is enough time to read this article later. Just relax, lay down, take it easy. There is no need to be active right now.

If you are not a Projector and you are reading this, thinking, “But, I am also tired!” I hear you. We are all tired. We are in an extremely tumultuous time. Our Planet is in chaos. Fear is the name of the game. At work we are afraid that we don’t work hard enough, make enough money, that we are not liked or don’t live up to the expectations of those around us. And then we get home and try to relax by watching some TV or scrolling through our phone, and there we are only faced with even more fear, terror, violence, drama, tension and just general unhappiness. We are living in an atmosphere of constant panic. We have been for a long time, but now this panic is coming more and more to the surface.

Now regardless of whether this is good or bad or where it comes from – look at the open centres in your chart and imagine that you are receiving this energy all the time, wherever you are, whoever you’re with. These centres are like eager black holes, absorbing all the shit – let’s just call it what it is – of the world. Because that is what they’re designed for. They absorb energy, because that is what they are here to do. In that sense, as Ra Uru Hu reminded us often, there is no choice. Open centres are designed to learn. All the energy they receive is information. Through energy we communicate with the world around us, and every photon of energy is carrying a message.

It just happens that in the world today, this message is often some version of “I am afraid.” And that is why Projectors are here, to answer that message.

Projectors are not here to be busy, they are here to guide the busi-ness

Projectors as we know them today have started coming into the world in 1781. That is when humanity mutated from seven-centered, strategic beings of mental awareness, to nine-centered beings transitioning to a life of emotional awareness (see image caption for more). Projectors have been here for not even 250 years. We are here to guide the transition. We are here to awaken to deeper awareness, to learn that there is no need to be afraid, and to guide humanity into this perspective.

Eraani seven centered to nine centered being

Humanity’s mutation from seven to nine centers. We are evolving as a species and we are currently in a transitional phase. In the schematic terms of Human Design we are mutating from a being with seven major differentiated energy centers to a being with nine major energy centers. This mutation was initiated around 1781 and is completed around 2027. In these 250 years of transition we are basically learning how to exist in this new form. As a collective, we are still very much oriented towards the mental awareness that was the most important form of consciousness for the seven centered being. It is not anymore. We are now developing our emotional awareness. We are no longer finding truth in the mind, we are finding it in our body. We are learning to say “I feel” instead of “I think.” Now, I am not saying we were not emotional before this mutation, it is just that our emotional experience is mutating so it becomes a form of awareness. Empathy, intuition, emotions, feelings and sensations are becoming our primary way experiencing consciousness – more so than understanding, seeing, thinking, and rationalising. This is obviously an enormous shift in perspective, and that is exactly what is going on around us right now. The emotional center is not clean and simple. It learns by being dramatic, expansive, and messy. We are not used to it yet and therefore anxiety, fear, and uncertainty are our natural responses to what is happening inside us and between us. The good news is that this is not going to last forever. With each generation, emotional awareness will be more natural. Gradually we will become comfortable in our new skin. 

Projectors play the beautiful and important role of guides in this mutative time. It is also a challenging role. Because the society we were born in is not designed for us. It is designed for Manifestors and Generators – people who produce physical matter, energy that we can touch, that has material value. Reflectors have always had a place in this world. In a world of constant activity, they are the seers, the oracles – they gave (and still give) a space for reflection, a moment of silence in the storm.

The contribution of Projectors is, like that of Reflectors, nonmaterial. Guidance is not something you can touch. Projectors are not designed to do the work that Generators and Manifestors do, they are designed to be receptive to it and guide it. Projectors now number almost 23% of the population, and that number is growing. That is almost a quarter of the population functioning in a way the opposite of what we are familiar with. Let’s just say, it is taking us some time to get used to it.

The Projector Aura is focussed on the Other. It interacts directly with the essence of the person in front of them. This is why Projectors are at their best on-on-one. It is not easy to fool a Projector - they feel who you are more than they see or hear it. (Image by JovianArchive.com)

The Projector Aura is focused on the Other. It interacts directly with the essence of the person in front of them. This is why Projectors are at their best one-on-one. It is not easy to fool a Projector – they feel who you are more than they see or hear it. (Image by JovianArchive.com)

Projectors are not here to be busy, they are here to be participating observers. They join in the processes of life primarily to learn about them. This is the nature of the open Sacral center. Projectors are here to guide the energetic process of manifestation and generation.

The world as it is now is incredibly dysfunctional. Sacral energy is being used in mostly distorted ways more often than not. Therefore Projectors will find plenty to fix. We usually know very well how, but we are hindered by the feeling of disempowerment. We simply don’t know where to start, how to get our voice heard, how to get recognition for the wisdom we bring. And since humanity has only had a few centuries with Projectors, no one else knows either. The education system is designed to educate Generators and Manifestors – in a very distorted way. No one even knows what a Projector is – let alone Projectors themselves. We are usually way too busy trying to fit in, pushing ourselves to be able to make a living, struggling to survive, to even consider that there might be a completely different way of being alive.


Barack Obama is such a poignant example of a Projector who made it into a position of power, but was unable to have the effect he could have had due to misrecognition and disempowerment. You can see on his face the cost of trying to do what you are here to do “their” way. (Image via Imgur)

Where Manifestors have the power to just barge in a door and start telling people what to do (for some necessary nuance, click the link), Projectors who try the same, are simply ignored. Their energy is not designed for that kind of interference. And for very good reason. Manifestors get accomplished what they want, but this is not always necessarily what those they involve want. Projectors are able to recognise the needs and wishes of those they guide. This has everything to do with the concept of free will. They are designed to integrate the energy of the other. They are not able to do anything, that the other does not consent to. In other words, they need to be invited. When the other, out of their free will, chooses to open to the energy of the Projector, that is when they can give their guidance. In this way, the contribution they make is of exceptional value. They are able to give back exactly the energy they receive from the other.

So, it is essential that the other opens their energy, so the Projector can receive it, analyse it, and then project their wisdom. When the energy of the other is not opened – there is no invitation – then there is no energy available for the Projector, or the energy that is available is not the “right” energy. To continue trying to make something happen only leads to exhaustion for everyone involved. And this is the reason most Projectors are so exhausted all the time. They are in unhealthy or unfulfilling interactions or working on ideas that have no energy behind them.

Waiting for the Invitation is all about recognition

This is why Ra Uru Hu gave as the most important strategy for Projectors, “Wait for the invitation.” Waiting for the invitation allows Projectors to take a step back and hold out for the right energy. This is quite effective, but in my own experiment as a Projector I have found that an even more crucial concept to understand is recognition. An invitation is the product of recognition, and therefore recognition always needs to happen first. A Projector recognises and is recognised – or not – constantly. This is the theme that marks the path of the Projector, from one recognition to another.

The most important recognition is the recognition of Self. In other words, knowing who you are and what your qualities are. I found that working on my self-esteem has been the best thing to do in order to be Seen by others. Ra Uru Hu said that the most important question for the Projector is “who is the other?” In my experience, this is because a Projector can see themselves projected on the other. That is why the name of the type is Projector. The other being like a silver screen on which the Projector can see who they are, and who they are not. In the way the other responds to their projection, they can recognise themselves, or recognise what does not actually resonate with them. You are what you project. The more amazing you think you are, the higher the esteem others will have of you.

So, first and foremost, recognise yourself. Recognise how much you know, the awesome wisdom you have to offer. Develop your abilities, work on what excites you and what you are good at. You project what you are – when you are joyous and excited about life, this is what others will see in you and then surely the invitations will flood you. Who doesn’t want to invite such a beautiful, exuberant being into their life? And you know, some won’t. What you offer may simply not be what they need. So if you don’t get invited, it must be right for you both somehow – because it sure isn’t because you are lacking in quality.

What is crucial to understand here, is that any situation is a situation that you create for yourself. You are not a victim of circumstance in any way. Projectors create the invitations. We call them towards us – literally, we ask others to invite us, or energetically by being open and ready for invitations. We project who we are and what we have to offer. We radiate wisdom out into the world. Others receive this call subconsciously and are consequently drawn towards those Projectors whose wisdom will help them further.

Waiting passively and doing nothing is not going to get you anywhere. I am not saying that you should not do nothing, by all means relax, take your time, be gentle on yourself, rest. At the same time, hiding your true Self is not going to do anyone any good. If you want something to happen in your life, you cannot just passively wait for it to come to you. You are only going to get further when you show yourself and when you work on what it is that you are showing. If you are going to work every day to a job that makes you miserable and spend the rest of your time in bed resting – then that is who you are and that is what people will see. You are the advertisement showing what you have to offer the world.

How to live the ultimate Projector life

If you find yourself in a position where invitations are not coming, there is nothing that is stopping you from making those invitations happen. Look at yourself and who you are. What is the image of you that you are projecting out into the world? What do people see when they look at you? And definitely ask for reflections about this from people in your environment. Who you think you are is not necessarily who you actually are. We have a conscious as well as an unconscious aspect of our being after all.  If you realise the image is not 100% what you wish it to be – develop yourself.

Invest in yourself. You don’t have to wait for the invitation for everything, you just need to recognise what is right for you. You can recognise where you will find energy. Show yourself to the world, find the energy, engage with life – and life will respond.

Getting back to this feeling of “I am tired.” As I outlined in the beginning, we have every reason to be tired. It feels like an uphill stuggle, sometimes, this life. I am struggling with my energy levels every single day, so I do not take it for granted. I often feel desperate about where I am supposed to get the energy to accomplish all I want to accomplish. I honestly have no idea. Contemplating over and over the idea “I don’t know where to find the energy,” I realised that this is the very nature of the open Sacral center. The energy is not defined. It is unknown and unlimited. Think about this, unlimited energy. Think again about Obama, who managed to run a country for 8 years with only two defined centers in his chart.

Projectors can do anything. Everything. Unlimited potential. Whatever a Projector needs to do, they will be able to do. The only reason you feel tired, is because this tiredness is preventing you from doing a lot of things that you do not need to do.

Unlimited energy potential can be easily manipulated and set to work for things that are a complete waste of time for a Projector. That is in fact what is happening to most Projectors in the world. They are running around, working harder than anyone, because they don’t realise that they don’t need to do that. As soon as you get a hint that, maybe – just maybe – you might have something better to do, the exhaustion sets in. Some people just burn out immediately, they get ill, break a limb, fall into depression – whatever their body feels is a good way to slow them down. Others learn their lesson more slowly. As soon as your consciousness opens up to the possibility that what you’re doing may not be right for you, there is no going back. The learning from hard work is done. The way to your true self becomes inevitable.

Feeling tired – like any sensation of the body – is a message. A message that tells you to take it easy. It is not a state of being. Therefore “I am tired” is not a correct statement per se. “I am Ariane.” “I am human.” Tired is just a feeling I get a lot, because I need to hear it. It is reminding me to rest. Therefore identifying with it is more disempowering than it is useful. So I found it much more useful to recognise my exhaustion, every time I feel it, and then to not take it seriously. Yes, I feel tired often. Yes, I need a lot of rest. And rest needs to be the basis for life as a Projector. I also have limitless energy. That means that whenever I do need to have energy, and it is correct for me to be busy, I will have all the energy I need. So much more important than waiting for the invitation is listening to your inner authority. What are you excited about? What feels right to you? Where do you want to be? Follow that, and you will have all the energy you need.

I can honestly say that I am never actually tired anymore. When I do feel tiredness in my body, I know it is just a feeling that is there, allowing me to take it easy. If the next minute someone calls me with an exciting invitation, the energy is coursing through my body again. Where did the exhaustion go? It was never there!

So it is very simple: follow your joy. You will have all the energy you need. When you go against your nature, you exhaust yourself. You don’t always need to wait for an invitation to do anything. You do always have to sense whether the energy is right for you to engage with. When you follow your inner authority, you will always find the right energy for you.

When you find yourself in front of obstacles or challenges – in other words, things that go wrong or feel bad – these are only there to help you realign with your truth. Bad situations only come into our life to teach us. Always. You are never a victim of anything. Whenever you feel like a victim, this experience is only there to challenge you to step into your power and learn the lesson that is there for you. When you rise to the challenge each time, you will learn the truth of this deeper and deeper.

Becoming wise about life is the most important job of the Projector. It is the whole purpose for which you were born. So you can count on every single thing that you encounter in your life being there so you can become wiser. When you view every aspect of your life as an opportunity to learn, you will become wise beyond your wildest imagination.

How to accelerate as a Projector:

  • STOP doing things you don’t want to do. Stop wasting your time and energy.
  • Relax. Take your time, you have all the time in the world. Make rest the most important aspect of your life.
  • Learn, investigate, absorb everything you find remotely interesting like your life depends on it (because it does).
  • LOVE YOURSELF. Recognise how amazing you are and let the whole world know.
  • Expand your awareness. Consciousness is your most powerful tool.


This is a short audio I recorded when inspiration struck me while I was out walking with my dog. It is therefore not the best quality, but don’t let that prevent you from letting the resonance strike a cord deep within you.

      Wait for the invitation


  • If you are interested in a reading, go to the readings page or send me a message.
  • I wrote a new blog that is very much about being a Projector, you can read it here.
  • On 2nd March 2017, I gave a webinar called “Step into your Projector Power. In this webinar I discussed how you can really tap into your unique Power as a Projector. There is no need to be tired, bitter or waiting for the world to come to you. Your power is in your truth. In this webinar we discovered how you can tap into it every day. You can watch it here.


  1. Wow! This is the most valuable and understandable description of a Projector that I have read. I get really excited! It aligns so well with my own inner understanding of how I function. And to focus on the recognition instead of the invitation make so much sense. I feel recognised while reading it. Thank you!

    • So I have been fighting this “Im tried” my whole life. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. Like was very ill and the doctors dismissed it . So I have been getting super healthy and fit. So the doctors would have to look deeper. I’ve also been doing a lot of shadow work and healing my ancestral line. After I did that had more energy but still tired. Now that I understand my human design better and reading this article. That “I’m tired” is a message that I was never really understanding. I don’t feel this urgency to go to the doctors any more. Going to listen to the message better and see if that helps.

  2. Well… since I know about being a Project it feels I am “limited” and holding myself back a lot… After reading this… is just a bit less… but at least is something…

    • Hi Maria, thank you for your comment! I totally understand what you mean by feeling limited. I am glad my writing helped you eleviate that sense a little. The fact is that we are limited by who we are and the world we live in. At the same time, anything that is right for us is possible. We can always go where we need to go and do what we need to do. In that sense we are infinite. With love, Ariane.

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  4. Thank you, dear.. beautiful and powerful article

  5. Great article that helped clear some things again ! Thankyou!

  6. Excellent. Thank you.
    I would like to get a consultation with you.

  7. Beste Ariane, wat ben ik blij met jouw artikel. Zo herkenbaar allemaal. Maar ook bevestigend dat ik totaal anders functioneer dan het merendeel van de mensheid. Je uiteenzetting over moeheid geeft me enerzijds de bevestiging van hetgeen ik al wist en anderzijds handvaten hoe ik hier ander mee om kan gaan. Dank je wel hiervoor. Het wachten op de uitnodiging vind ik nog steeds de grootste uitdaging en Ik denk mijn grootste leerpunt. Ook helder. Ik voel dat ik een consult ga nemen maar ik weet nog niet welke. Hartegroetjes Astrid

  8. This is the first thing I’ve read about being a Projector that made me feel empowered. Everything you wrote about “tired” being protection for us to NOT do things that aren’t worth our energy is amazing!! Now I don’t need to feel guilty for taking tons of time to rest, reflect, and learn..all things I LOVE to do and have loved for forever, but are not valued by society. Thank you thank you thank you for writing this!

  9. I am a manifesting generator and reading this article made me feel like projectors who are aware are here to live their joyful life, While the others have to work.
    Apologies for the projctors out there but doesn’t that looks like they are baiting unawared people to recocnize them. I have seen a lot of generators manipulated by projectors to work hard and beeing taken advantage of.
    Generators and manifestors have to give their energy and time(time which could be spent enjoying family, friends and so on) to build something. What do projectors have to give?

    What do you think about that?

    • Hi Colim,

      I completely agree that there is a toxic relationship between Generators & Projectors and Manifestors & Projectors. All types, and I include Reflectors in this as well are responsible for the conditioning game we are playing. No-one feels safe in the world we currently live in, because it is a world of STRESS that is constantly asking us for more more more more. No one has any clue what their actual boundaries are. We have been in survival mode since the first day we landed on this Planet.

      To blame this all on Projectors, making Generators and Manifestors the victims of their “baiting unaware people to recognise them” – to say that I suggest that Projectors just get to enjoy while the others work – is absolutely ridiculous.

      We are living in a constant interaction, and we are each responsible for the damage we do to ourselves and others in our unawareness. We are also each individually responsible for all the victimisation we experience. Once you can take full responsibility for your own life and your own energy, then you may be able to experience what Projectors have to give.

      I personally have become very aware of the damage I can do to Generators and Manifestors, and how I can use their energy in a way that is not beneficial to them. Therefore I make sure that I always wait for the invitation before I give my time and energy. In every interaction I make sure their is authenticity, integrity and dignity. This creates a safe environment where there is no possibility of taking advantage.

      I would like to invite you read my article again and read my other articles as well, so you can better understand what I am saying. What you reflect in your comment is in no way what I intended to write, so I hope you are able to see other perspectives where there is fruitful and loving cooperation between people of all Types and Ways of Being.

  10. So, what career should I got into?

  11. This is the best post I’ve read so far regarding waiting for an invitation for projectors. Thanks for writing this. Before I saw waiting as dull and disempowering but the “sense whether the energy is right for you to engage with” is totally life-changing!

  12. This article has been so eye opening. I feel understood! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insight.


    It helped me a lot as a projector <3

  14. Yas Queen! Just the medicine I needed! Thank you goddess ✨✨ Learning more and more everyday to trust that Inner Authority and know that I will not miss out on what is meant for me and all that is will find me, especially when I am doing the inner work to radiate and magnetism them towards me. In this way, the Projector path is very much a feminine path it feels ✨✨ And that is one of the great wisdoms I am here to share… the art of receptivity and leading a life of ease, grace, trust and flow ✨✨✨ Blessings to all ✨✨✨

  15. Needed this, thank you I’m a 5/1 splenic projector

  16. Wow! I just want to say THANK YOU so much for taking the time to write all of these! As a projector who is just learning about myself this has been so helpful. I was actually feeling hopeless at one point for believing that we don’t create our own energy but after reading this it just took a heavy weight of my shoulders because everything you said has been true to me! When the right invitations are there and is for things you actually enjoy; BOOM, suddenly I don’t feel tired! I feel that I just have to care a little bit less if others think I am lazy or a “queen” because I had learnt to take care of my energy to a certain point. From so many people I can feel their thoughts of “ok…..energy… yeah right, how are you supposed to be productive? No resting for me” but as a hokistic therapist myself I have to honor what I preach to my clients and practice it. I guess that has helped me so far.
    Still so much to practice after learning about my type and just how to move around in every aspect of myself.
    Thank you so much! Beautifully written and explained.

  17. i feel as if i have 100% improved my Self and projected self-image and learned how to patiently wait with an open heart and have attained mastery over a system of guidance – yet after almost a decade of excruciating work to get here, i now have no invitations incoming (whereas i had a few before accepting human design). everything i’v read seems as if i already do it. it is very hard to accept that i incarnated here and none of the human connections are right therefor no invitations are incoming after purifying my psycho-spiritual apparatus.

    • Wait for the right timing. You are here to be invited – but there is only a few very specific invitations that will fit. They will definitely, undoubtedly, inevitably come. For now, wait, relax, enjoy yourself.

  18. I loved reading this so much, and I also enjoyed the short audio you have shared. I have been struggling with the “invitation” part. Wait before I send a Facebook friend request? Wait before I make a dinner plan suggestion to my husband? Wait to be noticed and spoken with at a social gathering? I have also heard that Projectors shouldn’t initiate. And yet the truth is that I have initiated many times — holiday plans, social get-togthers, trips, etc. And they have mostly been successful! Sometimes I wonder if I am taking it too literally. I have heard HD experts say — Projectors need to sit down and shut up! 🙁 This broke my heart. I have enough sense to understand when to open my mouth and when to keep it shut, and this sort of directive seems so harsh to me.

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      Thank you for sharing. I hear you and really understand the pain of holding yourself back. I by now means want you to make yourself smaller or tone down your enthusiasm and love for life. Please keep living as fully and joyfully and you are describing in your comment. Nothing wrong with that.

      The reason Projectors are advised to not initiate and wait for the invitation is that when they do, they will find their way through the world even more easily. And they will more easily be recognised because there is more space for them. That is the effect of the invitation.

      So, again, don’t tone yourself down. Initiate if it feels right and natural. Perhaps as an experiment you can see what happens if you wait a moment to initiate when it doesn’t feel good to do so. If you feel resistance or exhaustion, try and see if the world will come to you in those times rather than you doing more than you can.

      Please send me an email if you have any questions: connect@eraani.nl.

      With love,


      • Thanks, Ariane! Yes, you have expressed it so beautifully. That’s what my HD analyst said too: Do what makes you feel good. What I understand from all my HD reading is that Projectors should not PUSH anything. Actually, I don’t… Because the awkwardness of it is too uncomfortable. I am a bit of a shy person, and I have learned to embrace my shy nature. So, if I encounter resistance, my first instinct is to back off. And even when I initiate anything (contact, conversation, plan, etc.), I am quite sensitive to the other’s response. If they seem uncomfortable, then I back off. Most times, I don’t initiate things with people I am not fully comfortable with.

        I think I am doing okay! 🙂

  19. Deeply grateful for these insights and the time you put into articulating it all so clearly and sharing it so freely. ❤️

  20. This is such a powerful post for a projector. I appreciate the mindset and applying these concepts to current day situations that are actually applicable. You’re doing the good work here, thank you.

  21. Just read about Human Design for the first time. So I calculated my chart. Splenic, Projector, Wait for the Invitation, Bitterness, 4/6.
    Don’t know what it all means yet. Except , my initial reading of Projector and Waiting for the Invitation sound pretty accurate.

    Thanks for your work.

  22. This article was easily understood by me and inspirational. Thank you. It’s like something I would write down the road after I’m farther into my experiment. (of course, because like you said, I see myself in you)

  23. Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

  24. This was absolutely THE MOST powerful article I’ve ever read! Wow! Amazing job. It was exactly what I needed to hear. P.s I never comment on Online articles, but the tone and delivery was beyond anything I’ve read.

    • Thank you so much for letting me know, Regina! It really means a lot that you appreciate my writing. Really wonderful to hear.

      Please do let me know if you have any questions or further comments – my email is connect@eraani.nl.

      With love,

      • From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for writing this. I was introduced to HD recently and immediately felt like I had a valuable tool to get back to myself (I have been operating like the ManGen of ManGen’s for years). So, I scoured articles, listened to podcasts, & bought Ra’s book, but was still struggling to understand my energy and strategy. Your words have helped clarify so much for me. I plan to return to this article many times as a grounding point while I continue to work on resting, recognizing myself self & following my joy.

        …Oh and like Regina I never post online comments or reviews… keep projecting your light

  25. This is very similar to most things that I have read about projectors. I do appreciate that you have written it, but it still doesn’t answer my own questions that I have been searching for. I understand wait and sit back, slow down when tired, but my issue is with work and balance of life. We all need to make money and that is the part that I get stuck with. It is not like I can sit back while my bills get higher and higher for the right thing to come through. But I believe that this is my own journey and I can’t research the life that I am supposed to experience. I have to look for the joy that I am not experiencing.

    • Hi Benjamin,

      Thank you for your response.

      I definitely agree that life as a projectors is not a simple as dropping everything and sitting down on the couch and proceed to do nothing for the rest of your life.

      In an ideal world, perhaps, but this one we live in is a lot more complicated than that. So you are right in saying that such advice is not sufficient.

      I would like to ask you to read the article again, because I like to think I made more practical suggestions than just to sit back and wait.

      Rather than do nothing at all, just do a little bit less. Drop a few things that no longer feel correct for you. And take rest during those times instead.

      Also, get to know your inner authority. Learn to listen closely to your body, to your being, to your inner truth.

      You can do all this while still working to pay the bills. The big invitation won’t only come by if you’re doing nothing. It can come in steps. First you take one step to a life that serves you a little more, then you take another. And slowly but surely your life starts to look more and more authentic.

      It is an experiment. And you are correct that only you know how it works for you.

      It is very much a “Life happens while you’re making other plans” kind of thing.

      If you take anything away from this, I hope it is that you start becoming (even) more aware of what is possible for you.

      When you start with, “I can’t do this,” then you already reject a lot of possibilities. Rather than saying “I can’t sit back,” could you ask yourself, “how can i sit back?”

      If you ask yourself this a few times a day, opportunities will start to become apparent. It may not be possible all the time, but surely it will be sometimes.

      I would be happy to give you a more personalised answer, if that is something you would like. You can email me at connect@eraani.nl

      With love,

  26. It is amazing, thank you so much! This spoke to my soul much more than The Book!

  27. I’m starting to discover Human Design. Your article was impressive for me. Your words was perfect for describe a situation that is repeating all the time in my life. Always I’m working fighting to find a place where I can be “myself” . Its really difficult to express it to family, partners or friends cause they use to understand that i am an idealist or I’m looking for an irreal job or style of life. This make me step back to “reality” and readapt in other roles, other jobs…. The only moments that I really enjoy its when I’m expressing with my own language. Really difficult. Thanks to clarify the invitation aspect. I read about that and I never comprehend it. I’ll try to follow your advice and follow that vibe. Thanks for all!!!

    • Hi Miriam, thank you for your response. I recognise wanting to live in a world that is better than the one that is presented to us as reality right now. The fact is that the world is a mess. The system we live in is completely not comparable with how humans thrive.

      We, as (idealist) Projectors, recognise this a little earlier than other people. I believe that more and more people will come to see that the way it is right now just doesn’t work. Then we can start building a better world together – in fact we have already got started.

      In the mean time it more important than anything to take care of yourself. Find a place where you feel safe and comfortable, however small, and make that your basis. When you have a safe place to go back to, you can cope better with everything you’re confronted with in the outside world.

      And don’t ever thing that you are wrong or that there is something wrong with you. The world is wrong, you are here to be a part of making it right.

      Much love,

  28. Thank you for the information!

    Being tired is awful. I too felt like there was always something wrong with me. But i’m learning to embrace my body and embrace when my body wants to relax.

    I love how you said, being tired is just keeping you from doing things you don’t have to. It is true! When I do things I want to do I round up the energy and it is amazing.

    I appreciate you!

  29. Wow, this is like… being 51 and never been understood.. and now you seem to know me! I am also very tired a lot but explode with energy when I am alone, in sunshine or travelling. The more I worked on myself, the more I absorbed (i have only 2 centres filled in) until it has now become like I am empty.. just a conduit for others energies.. clearing them through crying or yawning… It is exhausting until I recharge in nature. Or when I am loved or recognised. I have never really had invitations, my entire life including many jobs, relationships, burnouts, world travel, continuous emotional pain.. I always moved myself. I have no manifesting power and I only have magnetism if I am surrounded (= filled in,) by positive others, like on holiday.. but life has taken me to places where negativity is all around and within me. It is exhausting me to try to radiate happiness from within.. despite conditions. I must move towards better environments. I have concluded I only create, manifest or shine, when generators or others are with me. Since I have lived alone for 10 years.. I have hit rock bottom and certainly there are no invitations. Only being surrounded with vibrant energies can I thrive.. so it is selfmotivation that drives everything. Maybe we are meant to see our reflection in others although often for me they are total opposites of me. I change with everything, everyone, everywhere, i have no job so no identity. I could be anything. I have to choose… the sun, earth, water and sky are vital to recharge. I would love to know how to manifest by myself… not need others as I have none available. Thank you for the info!!

    • Thank you for sharing, Yolanda. I recognise a lot of what you are talking about. I actually wrote a piece about it last week. Maybe it could be of interest to you: https://www.eraani.nl/en/2020/12/23/a-new-fire/

      If there is anything you would like to talk about, my inbox is always open. (connect@eraani.nl) I would be happy to listen to/read your stories and exchange viewpoints. Perhaps we can be of inspiration to each other. Much love, Ariane

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