Human Design Insights #2: The Sacral Center

Location of the Sacral Center in the Bodygraph

The Sacral center is the engine of Life. It is a multiplication device. Whether you are a tree, a bee, a mushroom, a dog or a human being, the Sacral builds the form you are alive in. Everything that you see around you in built with Sacral energy. The Sacral receives what is there and builds with that what it is design to build.

One sunflower seed receives nutrition from the ground and starts multiplying its cells until it shoots out of the ground and receives light, which allows it to multiply until it has the form of the tall Sunflower as we know it.

For a human this process starts in the womb (the Sacral center) of your mother. One egg cell receives a sperm cell and starts multiplying – 2 cells, 4 cells, 8 cells etc. Not randomly, but according to the program that has been encoded in our DNA. That program informs the cells to multiply until a certain point. Good thing, because otherwise we would keep multiplying until infinity and there wouldn’t be much of a recognisable human form to live out the rest of the program with.

The program our DNA is encoded with is very specific. It has a specific eye colour, a specific thumb length, as well as specific way of moving, of thinking that all take shape as the form is built.

This is important to keep in mind when you become aware of your own Sacral process, the energy that is creating yourself. Everything is possible, and at the same time your have a very specific program that forms the limits of your being. You are this, not that, and your Sacral is designed what you are. Your Sacral will respond to that which will create your Self, your true form. Not listening to this response means you are not respecting your individual programs and you will thus create who you are not rather than who you are.

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Ariane – Human Design analist & coach

Ik ben hier om te begeleiden en te inspireren. Human Design kwam in 2009 in mijn leven, nog voor mijn eerste reis naar Azië. Het is zo een altijd-aanwezige lens geweest waardoor ik diepere lagen van het menselijk bestaan zie. Na het afronding van mijn universitaire opleiding Culturele Antropologie, was ik van 2014 tot 2018 in opleiding bij Alokanand Diaz (Human Design Republic) en de International Human Design School.