Human Design Insights #13: Gate 33 “Retreat”

The location of the 33d gate in the Throat center. Gate 33 expresses the voice of the Past. “I remember.” The final step in any experience is looking back at what has happened to make sure you learn all that can be learned.

The Sun is currently moving through the 33th gate. This is last gate of what is called the Quarter of Civilisation. Each year is divided into 4 quarters, with each a specific energetic theme.

The Quarter of Civilisation is the quarter of building. It is all about form and the feminine. On August 5th the Sun moves into gate 7, the gate of The Army and the first gate of the Quarter of Duality, which is the quarter of bonding and interaction.

This week being a week in the energy of gate 33 means that we are retreating from what we have been building and review what we have experienced and created. The last check before we start experiencing more movement.

This week, we are taking a step back to review. We remember the past and recognise the wisdom we have gained. What are we reviewing? The lines of gate 33 give us insight into what will be the theme every day.
First up, Avoidance. What have I been avoiding – what would I like to avoid?
Second, Surrender. Where have I surrendered – how can I surrender more?
Third, Spirit. Am I spirited? How is my spirit? How far have I come?
Fourth, Dignity. What have I gained in self worth? Can I be proud of my accomplishment as well as accept my failures?
Fifth, Timing. What have I learned about the workings timing? Do I trust that I am in the right place, at the right time?
Sixth, Disassociation. Am I able to let go of the past?

This final question is the most important one, because coming August 5th we will be looking towards the future. This week is like the final chance to look back at the first half of this year. One last glance over our shoulder. And then we really light the fire and get moving.

See if you can really notice the energy of review this week. Be aware of your mind looking at the past. Be aware of what is happening this week and what it is that is clearer than ever.

What is apparent now are the consequences of the choices you have made in the first half of this year, and they are giving you a very clear message about what can be transformed or not in the coming half of the year.

And listen. Don’t ignore what is coming to the surface now. Listen to the voice of your past self as it is expressed this week. And honour the message it us giving you.


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Ariane – Human Design analist & coach

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