Success is only possible when we surrender to the flux of life

Our world is built on the idea that we need to fixate the natural flow. We have prioritised the mind and we let the mind convince us that everything that is possible, should happen. The mind thinks it should be possible to keep building skyscrapers, to endlessly generate as much money as possible, to keep inventing new technologies that make life easier.

To make this happen, every person needs to be at top performance every single day. We need to be on from the moment we wake up until we finally fall asleep. We should be active sixteen hours a day and preferably more. That is the mindset with which most companies run these days, and therefore, most humans.

If you want to be successful, we are told, you cannot dawdle. You need to grindhustle, give it your all – every single day, until you finally reach the top. What that top may be is not specified. Because the truth is that there is no top. There is no goal. There is no endpoint. We are living in the illusion that we can endlessly create. We need to make more, and better, forever. Until – as we bitterly predict in hushed voices or bitterly joke in the privacy of our phones – the world collapses.

Because we all see this coming. Every tenth movie is about how the world will end. We all know, on some level, that this way of operating will destroy the civilisation we have built. And yet we keep going. Because we have to make money. We have to earn our survival. And the only way to do that is to get up in the morning and get back into the grind.

There does not seem to be a way out. And there is not. We have built a system that traps us in a circle. There is no space for another way of life, other than within the system, because there would always be a need that we cannot fulfil. 

Sure, there are people who go that route. We call them recluses, hermits, vagabonds, hippies. We call them crazy. These people have to give up a lot. One cannot leave the system and stay in it at the same time. You are either in or you are out. You could give up citizenship, money and all the troubles that come with it, but you would also be giving up all the benefits it brings. Like social security, a steady food supply, access to safe shelter and the many other goods and services this world provides for us.

It takes a strong individual to survive, let alone thrive, without all these things. I know I would not be able to, even though I have exited the system for as far as I can. I actually notice that it is the most beneficial for me to keep aligning myself with certain aspects of the sytem. I therefore do not believe giving it all up is what we need to do to find a way of life that serves us more than the pre-packaged one we are currently offered.

The system we live in is not inherently bad. Money is the thing that keeps us in the cycle, but it also allows us to exchange goods and services across the globe. Our society, with all her artificial inventions, exists, and therefore it is a natural phenomenon, a loved and worthy aspect of our universe.

Still, there is something that feels very wrong about it. I believe that thing is the disregard of the natural laws of flux. The base of our universe is a dichotomy. Life and Death, Yin and Yang, left and right, up and down, in and out. Everything is movement. This is what our way of living is ignoring, that what goes up must come down.

Those with a job with a corporation are expected to deliver at peak performance five days a week, eight hours a day, with the exception of four weeks out of fifty-two that they are allowed to organise according to their preference. You would think that those who go into business for themselves have lower demands, but these people often work even harder, because that is the only way they can keep up with the competition they have to go up against. All this to serve the ideas that the mind comes up with and to live up to everything that the mind believes is possible.

The fact is that the mind is completely wrong here. It has forgotten to keep in touch with the natural flow of life. It is running rampant on the idea that there is no limit to how much we can accomplish. And to keep up with that idea, it is running this planet and the all the life on it far beyond their limits.

Now, what does that mean for us as individuals? First off, I believe it is very important to just recognise this fact. To start looking around in the world with a critical eye. Is this really a good idea? Does it have to be the way it is now? We need to recognise how dysfunctional this system actually is. Not a single person is truly happy. We all suffer as a result of the insane way the world we live in works.

We can pretend it is fine all we want or believe there is no other choice. Even if that were true, it does not change the fact that this situation is fundamentally unsustainable and will run its course at some point or another. If the whole does not collapse, then at least the individuals it hosts will fall apart one by one. We are already going through an epidemic of burnout, depression and related afflictions. Not many people are capable of keeping up what is being asked of them.

That brings me to the second thing we can do as individuals. If you are reading this, I suspect you are already setting foot in unchartered territory, either because you felt the strong desire to or because you were pushed to the point where you had no other choice. That means you are a pioneer. A pioneer is finding a new way of life that honours our nature rather than exploiting it.

Everything you are doing, especially if you are doing nothing, is vital to the future we are manifesting together. You are taking steps into a new world. They may be baby steps, with thin, wobbly Bambi legs, but they are sure steps in a direction from which there is no going back. This is your second thing to recognise. You are not alone. You are part of a massive movement of people who are together initiating a new way of life for all of humanity.

The third and last thing I am going to point out to you: our success is inevitable.

Your success is inevitable.

This wave we are riding, it is unstoppable. This means that no matter what you are doing, you are doing the right thing. You are doing exactly what needs to be done to become who you dream to be and to accomplish what you so long for.

So, I want to ask you one thing. Be gentle with yourself. This world has taught us that we need to go harder and do more than we can. So we believe that even when it comes to this endeavour of initiating a new world, we need to work harder than we ever have. The opposite is true.

Aligning yourself with the natural flow of life means surrendering to ups and downs as they come. Sometimes there will be lots of energy and you will get so much done. Sometimes there will be nothing. That nothing will last for as long as it needs to. It is part of the process. It is not you failing, it is not you failing apart. It is you recovering, preparing and simply being.

The Nothing is an essential part of the All. In fact, it is half of all that is. That means that fifty percent of our time should be dedicated to nothing. Fifty percent of the time we rest. Fifty percent of the time we are failing. Fifty percent of the time we are in a bad mood. That is the natural flow of Life.

It takes us from movement to stillness, from expression to receptivity, from highs to lows. A rainbow is appearing in front of me as I type this. A beautiful demonstration of what happens when nature’s extremes meet. Without these extremes, there can be no life.

Ignoring them is a wonderful experiment. That is what we have embarked upon here on this planet. What if we just ignored nature and did whatever we wanted? Well, here we are. Look around, this is it. And sure it is interesting and beautiful. We are all here to see it and be amazed by what can be accomplished. And we are also here to bring it to an end.

The experiment has run its course. It is time to usher humanity back into harmony with nature, gently, so civilisation does not need to collapse to balance us out. This is the job we are here to do, and it does not run from nine to five. To be successful at it means to let go of the ideas we have about what being successful means and to begin to define it on our own terms, which come naturally to us.

It begins with trusting ourselves and our individual flow. From there, everything moves according to the rhythm of our soul, in flux.

Would you like to discuss this further? Leave a comment below or send me a message. I give readings your unique Human Design, where we can find out exactly how your individual flow moves and how you can best tune into it. For more information about that, you can go to my Readings page.


Everything is constantly changing. We live in a world where we try to fixate. Make every day the same. Make everything perfect. Once you let life flow through you in its natural form, you have to accept that there will be ups and downs.

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  1. Kyle

    So resonant with me, especially the part about “working harder than ever to initiate the new”. Covid-19 and attendant lockdown brought a reprieve from that phase, and now I am in an in-between place. Thank you for writing your truth, which is also a collective one.


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