Human Design Insights: #6 The Difference between Definition and Openness

Q: How does energy enter the body and how are centers activated by this energy?

A: The head receives energy/vibration through the nerve endings which communicate with the brain from everywhere in the body. These nerve ending receive information in the form of vibration from both our outer environment and inner body. All cells receive information but this remains unconscious until it is sent to and filtered by the mind.

For example, your eyes receive light, but it carries no meaning until the vibration from this light and the code/message that it carries is received by the mind and interpreted. Then the head center gives pressure to process the information, which we experience as thinking. This interpretation is then communicated to the cells, where it once again becomes unconscious and then specific cells activate or not.

All energy centers are the collective aura of one or more specific physical aspects (organs etc.) of our body and encompass a collection of gates. A gate is the collective aura of a collection of cells which reach out to communicate with other cells.

Eye cells could receive the information that there is a dog standing in front of you, it sends this information to the brain and then the brain sends this information throughout the body. Upon receiving this information, an open splenic center that is conditioned to fear dogs will get on high alert and give messages that protection is necessary. An open splenic center that is defined to love dogs will open up and give message that it would be fun to approach. A defined splenic that is design to enjoy risk, will look for confrontation with the dog. A defined splenic that is designed to take care and be nurturing, will be in alert for signs of the animal’s health. And like this there are infinite possibilities. So many, that it approaches randomness.

Defined gates will receive information and have a specific activation which depends on the programming in the DNA. Undefined gates will activate or not according to how they are conditioned. An unconscious mechanism has been put in place as they were created. You can change this conditioning by intention for how these cells reproduce. Most of us keep unconsciously reproducing the same conditioning. When you break a pattern, learn something new etc. then the cells learn a new way of activating or not – and will reproduce carrying this new conditioning.

The difference between defined and undefined is that for a defined aspect there is one possibility for activation – that which defined in your design/DNA programming. For open aspects there are infinite possibilities for activation and which activation is (unconsciously) chosen will depend on your conditioning and on the circumstances, so also the energy of the person/people you are with.

If you have a center defined you can receive the energy of the other, but it will always be overridden by your own definition. At the same time, conditioning works on many levels so you can be conditioned to express your definition in a certain way. And that can adapt to the other, according to what the specific definition is. How this plays out is influenced by the energy they receive, but it is always fixed by the definition.


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