Human Design Insights #5: the Ego center

The location of the Ego center in the Bodygraph.The Ego center is also called the Heart center, because, among other organs, it encompasses the heart. And the function of the heart is also the function of the Ego center. This center is about the physical manifestation of Love. Because the heart beats, we have a body that is alive and self sustaining every moment until we die. Because we exist in the physical world, we have a certain value. We give and take, and our value is the measure of that. In the perspective of the whole value is meaningless, but in the ego center, value is everything.

The word “ego” has a very bad rep, but in Human Design terms it simply describes this physical field that we embody – our physical body, our energetic body, our aura. Your value is determined by how much space you inhabit in the world. This is why we speak of big egos and small egos. If you have a big house, many things, if you manifest many things into the physical realsm, or if you are loud, have a lot to say, then you take in a lot of space. If you keep to yourself, are humble, have a small living space with few things, then the physical space you take in in the world is quite small.

The size of the Ego is quite an issue for many and consequently one’s personal value. With only 30% of people having this center defined, 70% of us have no consistent estimation of their own value and ego size. They can never be sure how much space they want to take in and if they are worth that space. The system of capitalism and consumerism taps into this with an eery perfection, feeding unhealthy egos of all sizes with the illusion that buying more things will help you find your true value.

The Ego center is the center of willpower. Willpower is the fuel that most of the capitalist world runs on. The motto is, “you can have whatever you want!” Which is technically true, but most of us have no consistent idea what we want. And more than that, the ego center is the authority for only 2% of the population, which means the rest of us have an authority to listen to that has nothing to do with willpower. Therefore, acting on willpower alone is detrimental to our system. Burnout and heart disease are the most severe consequences of our obsession with willpower. They are a direct result of so many of us trying to manifest our love in a way that is not in line with who we truly are at all.

The best cure for a healthy heart is not fat-free margarine, or cardio exercise – it is to stop trying to manifest yourself in the way you think you should. Whether your ego center is defined or undefined, you have an inner authority that is perfectly designed to tell you exactly what is correct for you or not. Letting go of trying to figure out what your value is supposed to be, and surrendering to your individual truth, will ensure that you always “have” what you “want.”

For those with a defined ego, you want what you want and you deserve it. You don’t have to fight for it, you don’t have to take it from others or force yourself into the position you want to be. You can simply ask and allow your heart to speak for you from a place of love.

If your ego is open, then it is simply none of your business how much space you take in. You will have the money you need – the things, the house, the relationships that are correct for you will be there when you listen to your inner authority, your inner truth. Sometimes you take in a lot of space, sometimes only little. Your value is infinite and therefore does not need to be defined. You have exactly what you need – you have always have and will always have it. Trust this and ego is no longer an issue.

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