Human Design Insights #8: the G center

The location of the G center in the Bodygraph

The G center is the center that holds us together. It is a perfectly balanced magnet that attracts exactly everything that we are and repels everything that we are not. Where the Ego center is the physical manifestation of Love, the G center is the nonphysical experience of Love. We experience it as the push/pull in the right direction, the direction of our true Love in every sense.

Our G center is the driver our our body vehicle, the compass that holds our true north. When your G center is defined, you can experience the G as a pulling sensation just below the midriff, where your liver is. It is even fainter than the intuition of the Splenic center, so it requires some practice to tune into it. If you have definition below the G, this will quickly drown out the sense of direction. But it is always there, pointing the way.

If your G center is open, your sense of direction is not an active sensation telling you where you need to be, but rather a sensitivity to which places are right for you or not, which will be undeniable once you are there. You can let yourself be taken places, rather than showing the way. And you have a very accurate sense of when you are in the right place or not.

While the G is all about location, it does not just direct you to the place. The G center is also the center of love and identity. It attracts certain people to you, and repels others. It attracts certain clothes, certain things and repels others to forms your identity. It basically attracts all that you need in your environment to be who you are and to follow your Path in life.

With the G center as my authority, I have been studying the center intensively since I found out what it was and how it worked. More than anything, I have learned the power of trusting that every step is important. The smallest steps can have the biggest consequences. The butterfy effect is a well-known illustration of this.

Therefore, every little aspect of who you are is just as essential. Denying parts of ourselves, because we think there is something wrong with them, distracts us from the truth of the Path we are going. Every time we stumble, every “flaw” in our character, every mistake we make is a crucial step of being who we are.

All the G directs you towards is greater love of Self in every way. The truth of our True Path is that there is not just one right path. Every step you take, whatever direction you move in, is the right direction. Even if it feels wrong, even if there seem to be negative consequences, it is always right – because it us Who You Are.

Who we are is our higher self that we can follow and surrender to as well as every choice we make. We are a dual being who is the combination of a conscious personality and an unconscious design. Our G center holds the two together and gives us the direction that serves the whole. And in the whole it is never one or the other, it is always both.

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