Human Design Insights #10: the Head center

Understanding the nature of the Head center has been one of the most important insights Human Design has given me. When the mind can understand itself, it can stop trying to be something other than it is. This creates peace and freedom in the mind, which translates to peace and freedom everywhere.

The Head Center is a RADIO. The comparison goes so far that I attached an image of a radio here, so you can see exactly what I mean.

In the bodygraph, you can see how the head center is visualised as coming out of the head. That is because it functions as an antenna. Imagine an antenna sticking out of your crown, that is your Head center. The antenna is constantly receiving vibration.

The vibration is the movement of everything always. Everything that exists is constantly sending vibration into their environment. Movement, speech, sound, friction. From the movements of the planets to the vibration of neutrinos – of which trillions and trillions are found in one square centimeter.

The location of the Head center in the Bodygraph.

All this vibration is not just random, it carries information. The most obvious example of this is humans transferring information to one another through speech. “Hallo” is a different vibration from “goodbye,” which allows us to understand the actions of the person we are communicating with.

So as everything is always vibrating, everything is always sending out information. Our Head center has been perfectly design to interpret this information into language we understand. The voice you hear in your head thinking, is the voice of the information you are tuning into in that moment.

You receive information from your environment, as well as from inside your body. We have a very rich inner world and our mind is like the voice box that is translating the information it is receiving from the everywhere in the body.

So like a radio, the Head center tunes into the unimaginable amount of waves that are moving through our fields and receives those vibrations that it is tuned into. It then converts it to a frequency that we can understand and transmits this information in the rest of the body.

A radio is capable of tuning into many frequencies, but can convert only one at the time into usable information. In the same way, our Head center can only tune into the frequency that you are vibrating on yourself. This is how your way of thinking directly effects the world you see around you.

Vibration is not just sound, but also light, and all kinds of energies that we do not consciously perceive. Your whole world enters your conscious through the Head center. If you are tuned into a certain frequency – that is the frequency through which you perceive the world.

Therefore it is extremely important to be aware of your thoughts, because this is how you dial your radio to a higher frequency. Even on the smallest scale, bringing more love, light, freedom, joy, etc. into your world on the inside as well as on the outside will dramatically transform your world.

You can literally tune into the world that you wish to see by tuning into it. Want a loving world? Think love love love love love, and ta-dah! it appears right in front of you.

So, what world do you want to tune into?

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Ariane – Human Design analist & coach

Ik ben hier om te begeleiden en te inspireren. Human Design kwam in 2009 in mijn leven, nog voor mijn eerste reis naar Azië. Het is zo een altijd-aanwezige lens geweest waardoor ik diepere lagen van het menselijk bestaan zie. Na het afronding van mijn universitaire opleiding Culturele Antropologie, was ik van 2014 tot 2018 in opleiding bij Alokanand Diaz (Human Design Republic) en de International Human Design School.