Human Design Insights #9: The Throat center, Words and Truth

The throat center is a gateway, it doesn’t have energy of its own. It defines the energy passing through, but it has no influence over the content.

Nothing said is ever written in stone. I have personally come into the habit of never holding anyone to their word. I trust deeply that there is more truth behind words than in words.

Because minds change, emotions change, intentions change, energy changes. The moment of now disappears and appears constantly. Words convey what is there is the moment. And every moment is new and different from the previous one.

Truth is the one entity that we will never know. Searching for it is futile, as truth is forever fleating. So holding on to any word as truth is just as futile.

Thinking that because someone said something that is true, or even their truth, does not honour the ever-changing nature of what happens inside each of us.

I know for myself that the words I use can change in every situation. I can say something in one situation, and the complete opposite in the other. Because I do not use my words to express truth, I use them to make connection.

In the search for truth, there is only space for one truth. In the search for connection, there is space for the infinite.

Let every words be a hand that you reach out to the other. A hand of love, of support, a hand that is present and in connection. Then truth will smile on us dancing around her in loving connection.

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Ariane – Human Design analist & coach

Ik ben hier om te begeleiden en te inspireren. Human Design kwam in 2009 in mijn leven, nog voor mijn eerste reis naar Azië. Het is zo een altijd-aanwezige lens geweest waardoor ik diepere lagen van het menselijk bestaan zie. Na het afronding van mijn universitaire opleiding Culturele Antropologie, was ik van 2014 tot 2018 in opleiding bij Alokanand Diaz (Human Design Republic) en de International Human Design School.