Does my design change through the course of my life? (FAQ #2)

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The imprint we receive from the position of the Planets at our moment of birth remains the same our entire lifetime. In the same way that the layout of our body doesn’t change fundamentally. What does change through the course of our life is how we live out our design. As we learn more about who we are and what does and does not work for us, we let go of habits that don’t serve us, and acquire new ones.

Many people grow up thinking that who they are is not good enough. That they need to be someone else to be able to be accepted. As a child, we take on voluminous layers of conditioning. We adapt to our environment. We create an alternative version of ourselves to be able to make it through the harsh judgment of the world. This version seems like who we are, but it is a distortion of our true self. It is born of fear and shame, not as a pure and loving expression of our life force.

As we discover this distortion within us, we set out to become more of who we truly are. We shed habits that don’t feel right for us, and find new ways of being that give space to our true nature. This starts as soon as we set the intention to live life as our true selves. We face harsh challenges along the way. Letting go of survival strategies feels uncomfortable, unsafe, and often downright wrong. But we find love and light beneath them and we learn to trust that this is the right path for us.

Along this journey we change. We become who we never thought we could be. Throughout this process, our design remains the same. It is the blueprint of the structure underneath. As we shed our distorted conditioning, we reveal its true workings. We start to live as who we always were. The true version of us that was hiding beneath the fear and shame.


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