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The Quarter of Duality

During this quarter of the year we find purpose in life through bonding and relationships.

The Quarter of Duality is the most dynamic time of the year. We move through some heavy mental and emotional gates and then open into the discerning bodily awareness of the splenic center.

Especially August and the first half of September bring a lot of questions and friction in our relationships. Things that used to work don’t work anymore, and it becomes too painful to bear. We experience both thorough confusion and harsh boundaries.

In this time we let go – but not like leaves falling, more like a harvest. The fruits that we have grown are too heavy to hold on to any longer. We need to gather and process them. While we enjoy the fruits of our labour we reflect on what it has meant for us to grow them. 

Once the fruits are harvested it may feel like we are done – empty – but we are far from it. It is now time for a full body scan. In preparation for dropping the leaves we feel into what is alive in every single crevice of our being.

What is healthy for us and what isn’t? We don’t find this out by thinking about it, but by opening and surrendering to what our body is demonstrating. This is what the second half of the quarter gives us the opportunities for.

Storms will come through and take the branches we can no longer hold on to – relationships, habits, work, possessions – if we are ready to let go they are as good as gone. And we get to immediately redirect that energy into the branches of our life that we do want keep. We will have the space and time to nourish them deeply so they are strong to last through the winter.

Thank you for reading along.

If you are interested in what this quarter brings you specifically, e-mail me or visit the Readings page to book a reading with your unique Human Design chart.


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Ariane – Human Design analist & coach

Ik ben hier om te begeleiden en te inspireren. Human Design kwam in 2009 in mijn leven, nog voor mijn eerste reis naar Azië. Het is zo een altijd-aanwezige lens geweest waardoor ik diepere lagen van het menselijk bestaan zie. Na het afronding van mijn universitaire opleiding Culturele Antropologie, was ik van 2014 tot 2018 in opleiding bij Alokanand Diaz (Human Design Republic) en de International Human Design School.