Human Design: List of Definitions

List of definitions

Human Design: the Science of Differentiation, brought into the world by Ra Uru Hu. The knowledge that illustrates how every human is unique in how their energetic system functions. Human Design brings ancients wisdom together with modern science. It contains elements of astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Tree of Life from Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system as well as Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry.

Human Design chart: Based on your birth data you can generate your unique chart. It is a map of your energetic system. It has 3 major components, the centers, channels and gates.

The Centers: These are the main figures you see in the chart. They are like intersections where the energy streams that run through our body come together. Human Design distinguishes between nine centers (differing from the original seven chakras). Each has their own function within the whole and is connected to the others in various ways.

The Channels run between the centers. They are an electromagnetic reaction that magnifies the qualities of the centers. Each channel coloured in in the chart signifies a consistent dynamic stream in your body. Our unique human nature is the product of what happens in these channels. Here, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Gates are the openings of centers into channels. Every channel is the connection between two gates. Each gate is an aspect of their respective centers. We have 64 gates in the chart. They represent the wide-ranging aspects of being human – from our creativity to our stubbornness, and from our need for connection to our search for the bigger picture.

Definition: Every day eleven heavenly bodies move through our Solar System. At the same time, massive streams of neutrinos – particles smaller than we can imagine (there are a billion moving through just your thumbnail right now) – move through that same Solar System. Space is not empty; it is as full of potential. And in that fullness, we are all connected. Via these neutrino streams all heavenly bodies communicate with each other, and with us.

At the moment of our birth, we receive an imprint from the neutrino stream. The position of all heavenly bodies defines what that neutrino stream activates within us. The Human Design chart gives a picture of the design it leaves behind. In Human Design, we call it Definition.

Openness: We don’t have the entire chart defined. Several components receive definition, but the rest remains undefined to exist within us as potential. This is where we receive temporary activation from the people that move around us, and from the heavenly bodies as they keep moving (transits). Our openness means we are made to connect. We are made to let the activation of others move through us and learn from it.

Conditioning: That Openness is part of our perfection. We are not meant to colour in the whole chart. We are not here to be all-powerful. But our mind doesn’t see it that way.

As we grew up, we learned to fear, to feel shame, to disapprove of the way we are – because that is the name of the game in our society. We learned to see our natural selves as “not good enough.” Unconsciously and mechanically, we try to compensate by becoming who we are not.

We cannot change our definition, but we can pretend to colour in the open parts. We develop tactics that block our openness from being vulnerable. Instead of being who we are, we become an alternative version of ourselves (the Not-Self). The version that does all the things that we don’t naturally do. It helps us survive in a disapproving world. It gives us habits that makes us feel like we are normal. We forget who we are and what works for us, and we spend our life compromising and compensating. In Human Design, we call this our Conditioning. We are conditioned to live a Not-Self life.

Type: Based on what is defined and what is undefined, each chart reveals one of four Human Design types.

Type % of the population Strategy Aura Not-Self theme
Manifestor 9% To Inform Closed & Repellent Anger
Generator 67% To Wait to Respond Open & Enveloping Frustration
Projector 23% To Wait for the Invitation Focus & Absorbant Bitterness
Reflector 1% To Wait a Lunar Cycle Resistant & Sampling Disappointment


Each type can be distinguished by the way their energy system moves. They each have a strategy they can employ to tune into that, how their aura functions, and how they feel when they make Not-Self decisions.

Strategy & Authority: These are the tools that Human Design gives to make decision according to our inner truth. Our Not-Self makes this difficult. Listening to our mind is the default. We make decisions according to which thoughts are most dominant.

As soon as we feel uncertain, our mind floods our system with fear. Then we quickly do what we think is best to get rid of the feeling of panic. But those decisions don’t necessarily align with what is true for us.

Our Inner Authority is the center in our design where we can experience what is true for us. Understanding how we can tune into that center and what it feels like when it comes to a decision, helps us choose out of trust instead of fear.

When we are aware of what happens, the mind can be involved without actually deciding. It is much harder for the mind to trust when it doesn’t know why that feeling we get is right.

Our Strategy is another tool to tune into what is right for us. When we follow our Strategy, we align ourselves with the natural flow of energy that moves through and around us. When the mind is uncertain of what to do, the Strategy can be a useful next step that always moves us in the right direction. Usually, the next step is not an active choice, but to give space to what is already moving through us. Strategy gives us the tool to let that happen. For many people, part of the strategy is to wait. Waiting creates the time and space for the decision to happen naturally.

Both Strategy and Authority depend on the specific Definition in our design. It can be very different from one person to the next. For each of us, it finds a unique expression. What works for one person, may not work at all for the other.

By applying Strategy and Authority in everyday life, we get used to making decisions according to our unique truth. The more we do, the more we become who we really are. Our lives start to take the shape the fits us most perfectly.

Not-Self & True Self: The Not-Self is the alternative version of ourselves that has come into being to enable us to survive in an homogenised world. We were rejected as unique individuals, so we became who we were supposed to be.

Once you start to notice this, it starts to chafe. It no longer feels good to live like that. When we feel this friction within ourselves, it means that our True Self is emerging. Our authentic, honest nature that is always there hiding behind our conditioning is ready to come forth and take the lead role in our life.

As our True Self emerges, we may experience even more fear and uncertainty than we have ever before. Fear and uncertainty were exactly what our Not-Self was protecting us from. Now we have decided to live in a different way, all that we were trying to avoid comes to the surface. It can do so, because we are ready and strong enough to conquer it and prove it wrong.

As we change, the world around us changes. People will notice something is different. They will not understand this new way of being. We will not even understand it ourselves. But amidst all the confusion, our Soul sings. Because it is alive more than ever. And that Truth is more than worth it.

A Reading: In a reading of your Human Design chart, we discuss all these aspects of your chart extensively. I will explain what makes you unique and how you can allow your uniqueness to take center stage.

Every reading is a unique experience. I tune into the person I am speaking with and find the words they need to hear.

Depending on what is relevant for you, the reading usually follows three stages:

  1. How the Human Design chart works.
    1. What are you really looking at when you see the Human Design chart?
    2. How does Human Design work?
    3. Why can I trust it to be say something about who I am and how I make decisions?
  2. The overarching themes found in your chart.
    1. What is your purpose in this life? (Incarnation cross)
    2. What is your role in the world? (Profile)
    3. Type, Strategy, Authority, Theme, and more essential elements.
  3. Then we dive into your chart and discuss
    1. The defined centers
    2. The defined channels
    3. The undefined centers
    4. How they are all connected

My intention for every reading is to empower the person sitting across from me in living authentically. Everything we discuss encourages you to recognise your conditioning and make decisions according to what actually works for you.

It is a celebration of who you have always been. The liberation of your natural self!

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