Human Design Insights #12: Interconnection

What I love most about reading a chart is revealing the beauty of how all the different components fit together as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Human Design shows the many levels on which we operate. From the primary binary of yin and yang to the 64 gates to 69.120 bases, each level containing essential information as to what it means to exist. It shows us how we can endlessly find fractals inside fractals inside fractals – the universe is infinite.

We need to take that information and condense it into something that is actually meaningful to us. In order to do that we have to set certain limits. We imagine how we are “this” and not “that.”

As you explore your unique chart and the charts of those around you, there will be aspects that catch your attention. Being a projector can help you understand why you are often tired. Having an open ego center can help you understand why you have issues with money. Having gate 1 defined can help you recognise your creativity. Being a line 3 personality can help you accept the trial and error process of your life.

But it is never just that one thing. I came to this insight while I was contemplating how the mind is connected to the rest of our body. This is the most important point I want to make in this Insight.

So often we isolate our mind as a mechanism that operates contrary to how the body operates. This is very useful, because it helps use recognise how thinking determines our conditioning. If we recognise that a certain way of thinking is not necessary, we can let go of the thought pattern and the conditioning that is connected to it.

Still, the mind is a part of our who we are. The braim is an organ that functions both consciously and unconsciously just like all others. We demonise the mind so quickly, condemning it – and by extention ourselves – for simply doing its job. If your stomach is sick, surely we don’t get angry at it, excluding it from being a part of the whole of our body.

“Oh, my stomach is growling, ugh, why does it need food all the time?” sounds silly and yet we complain about the mind thinking. “I wish my mind would just shut up.”

Your mind is desperately trying to be a useful part of your body. If there are thoughts that you do not enjoy, it is not because there is something wrong with the mind, or with you for listening to the mind. It is simply the frequency of your being voiced in thought form by that beautiful instrument between your ears.

Thoughts are not created out of nothing. Your mind is not producing them. The mind translates information that it receives – from the whole of your being, from your environment, from your higher self – from whatever it is tuning into.

So isolating the mind and making it the bad guy stopping you from being your true self. This is only detrimental to the wellbeing of the whole of who you are.

And that goes for all aspects of your design. It is always about the greater whole. Everything is always interacting with everything else. Yin and Yang are always in interaction. It is always both. It is always all the things it could be. Because there is no isolation, except for imagined isolation.

Zooming in on specific aspects of who we are is important to expand our awareness and love of self. Zooming out and loving the whole – including the parts you don’t like or believe need to improve – is just as important.

So this is my plea for redemption of the mind. We need to forgive our minds, because they never did anything other than being a loving part serving the whole.

Love yourself, Love your Mind.


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Ariane – Human Design analist & coach

Ik ben hier om te begeleiden en te inspireren. Human Design kwam in 2009 in mijn leven, nog voor mijn eerste reis naar Azië. Het is zo een altijd-aanwezige lens geweest waardoor ik diepere lagen van het menselijk bestaan zie. Na het afronding van mijn universitaire opleiding Culturele Antropologie, was ik van 2014 tot 2018 in opleiding bij Alokanand Diaz (Human Design Republic) en de International Human Design School.