Success is only possible when we surrender to the flux of life

Our world is built on the idea that we need to fixate the natural flow. We have prioritised the mind and we let the mind convince us that everything that is possible, should happen. The mind thinks it should be possible to keep building skyscrapers, to endlessly generate as much money as possible, to keep inventing new technologies that make life easier. To make this happen, every person needs to be at top performance every single day. We need to be on from the moment we wake up until we finally fall asleep. We should be active sixteen hours a…

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Why I am giving readings again (A new fire is alight in me)

A tree growing through a temple in Cambodia

In October 2019 I decided, after seven years of giving readings, to stop sharing my knowledge of Human Design in the form of one on one sessions. The decision came very suddenly, but it was quite definitive. I cancelled the standing appointments I had and wrote to those who had just sent in a request that I would not be able to meet them. My timing was rather interesting. Just the day before, the interview I did for a Dutch language podcast had been published. The response was very enthusiastic and my planner would have been full for the coming…

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