What is Human Design?


You are unique and perfect just as you are now. There is nothing wrong with you and you make no mistakes – ever.

We live with a lot of illusions in our mind. Illusions that make us think that we should be different – that we should do things differently. They limit our ability to accept ourselves and the choices we make and block us from unconditional love. They distract us from what we are here on Earth for: enjoyment of the awareness of our life’s path.

Human Design helps us see the “true” Self hidden beneath all our convictions and conditioning.

The Rave Mandala or Human Design Chart. The image that holds the information on your inner mechanics. This Chart is the used in a Human Design consult.

The Rave Mandala or Human Design Chart. The image that holds the information on your inner mechanics.  This Chart is the used in a Human Design consult to give you a clear image of how you can become more in alignment with yourself on a day-to-day basis.

The Human Design chart is a schematic illustration of the energy exchange that happens within us. You can see the conscious and unconscious mechanisms that determine what gives you energy and what does not; what is good for you and what is not. There is no right or wrong in mechanics. All choices you make and have made are essential to the path you are on.

Your path, every single step, has brought you here now – to an offer of deeper awareness of your individual design.

Will you take it?

Human Design is a specific manual for your unique body, for your individuated life. It gives you concrete tools to experiment with your own chart. You can discover for yourself what works and what doesn’t work. There are no rules, you do not have to believe anything. I cannot tell you who you are. What I can do is explain to you the mechanics of the human form. And specifically, how the human form that you are right now works. There is a logic to how we are designed as humans. From this logic we can deduce guidelines that will help you break through the illusions of the mind about who you think you are and understand who it is you actually are.

Human Design challenges you to really, truly follow your authentic self. Are you in?

How can you start discovering your Human Design for yourself?

  1. Get your unique chart.
  2. Get a reading of your chart. A personal consult with your Human Design chart will reveal a completely new understanding of who you are. We directly discuss the concrete tools you need to apply what you learn in every day life.
  3. Read my blog, where you can find a lot of information.
  4. Connect with me to book a consult or to ask any questions.

Then your personal journey with Human Design can really begin!