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Krijg diep inzicht in jouw chart en hoe je jouw nieuwe kennis elke dag kunt toepassen.

Een reading is de beste manier om gepersonaliseerde informatie over Human Design te ontvangen.

Diep inzicht in jouw chart

Een reading is de beste manier om gepersonaliseerde informatie over Human Design te ontvangen. We kijken niet alleen naar jouw chart, maar nemen thema’s en vragen die jou op dit moment bezig houden mee in de bespreking. Zo krijg jij diep inzicht in jouw chart en hoe je jouw nieuwe kennis elke dag kunt toepassen. Elke reading is uniek, omdat het geheel afgestemd is op wie er tegenover mij zit.

Neem contact met me op en laat me weten waar jij op dit moment mee bezig bent, waar je behoefte aan hebt of enthousiasme over voelt. Dan gaan we er samen mee aan de slag!

Mijn aanbod

Human Design reading

approx. 2 hours - €240,00

With your Human Design chart in hand, we discover and open deeper layers of who you are and how your energetic blueprint works.
We’ll discuss the essential elements of your chart in detail. I go through all the centers, name everything that is relevant to you and explain how your design works specifically. If you have any questions or something concerns you, we will make it a part of the conversation. We look at what makes you unique and how you experience your unique design in everyday life. Are you ready for this initiation?

Coaching package

Minimum of 3 sessions of 30 minutes to 2 hours

from €120 per hour

Package offer: 1 session of 2 hours + 2 sessions of 1 hour



This is what I love to do most of all. To guide you in the experiment with Human Design after our reading.
We discuss what the insights of the reading have done for you, what you are up against, and which knots we can untangle further. We will then take a closer look at how you experience your design in practice and which steps and possibilities are right for you.

Below is the link to book your first reading, after that we can schedule the next appointments when we have a feeling of which timeline works best.

Deep Dive reading

Approx. 2 hours - €270,00

Have you already received a reading and had some experience living according to your Design? In this reading you will get to know your chart on a deeper level.

We discuss the aspects that we don’t get around to in a first reading. We make room for a deeper recognition of your energetic mechanics. In this space, a deep permission unfolds for you to be as you are. The voices that tell you it should be done differently don’t get a chance to make their point anymore. We address them directly and clearly explain why it is good the way it is. Are you ready for the next level?

Oracle reading

approx. 1 hour - €120,00

In this compact reading we discuss what I see in your chart and what it brings up.
I answer all your questions carefully, with your chart as a starting point. Even if you don’t have any questions, I can see in your chart what is important to you and what can make a difference in your everyday life. We open new perspectives and possibilities. The goal is to give you the space to rest in what is now.

Partner reading

approx. 2 hours - €300,00

In a partner reading, we look at the charts of both partners and what happens between them.
This is a great way to uncover underlying patterns and find the root of conflicts. By understanding how you both function, there will be more space for mutual understanding and acceptance.

We seek out partners in our lives who challenge us the most. In the person in front of us we find a human being who can take us to the best version of ourselves, but who can also touch our deepest pain. Without the lows, there are no highs, so it’s important to acknowledge both and make space for both.

“Every relationship is work. We usually start relationships because it’s fun and feels good. The downside always comes later. If you get through that, then you have something tangible to build on. But how do you get through it? Do you dare look at everything you bring out in each other? The beautiful as well as the ugly parts? Or would you rather avoid it to carry on as if everything is alright?”

I prefer to do a partner reading with people who already have a basic knowledge of their chart. It’s too much to go through the individual charts and talk about the connection on top of that. So, I would like to hear from you what your knowledge of Human Design is and whether you have already received your own readings.

If you have any doubts, do individual readings first, there will be enough to continue with that anyway. Then you can always do a reading together afterwards.

All of this is always open for consultation, so bring it up with me – we’ll work it out together.

Wat anderen zeggen

Veel dank en liefde voor deze mensen die graag hun ervaring met jou delen over hun Human Design consult en sessies met mij.

Kennis van Human Design is één ding. Het begrijpelijk maken door middel van vertel- en vertaalkunst is een tweede.

En dat kan Ariane! 2 uur lang gekluisterd gezeten. Patronen worden zichtbaar, ervaringen herkenbaar en emoties en gedrag mogen er dus ook gewoon zijn. Wat een inzicht, zo interessant en leerzaam. Dank laughing

Florianne Sanders
Manifesting Generator


Ariane is heel toegankelijk en heeft een prettige en professionele manier van werken.

De reading heeft voor mij bevestigd wat ik jarenlang voelde maar niet op durfde te vertrouwen en geen woorden aan kon geven.

Archell Thompson


Ariane is a clear and warm person who loves to clarify a person’s Human Design chart.

I’ve had my chart read by a couple of persons and Ariane is simply the best. Both in her intuitive and knowledgeable answering of questions in the now, as in her meeting of you as a human.

Philip Bakker


Career Coaching

From 30 minutes to 2 hours

from €120 per hour


Are you stuck at work? Are you unsure what path to take in your career? Do you find it difficult to find your place in the organization?

I would be happy to look at the possibilities with you. Together we unravel the structures that have trapped you in a certain way of thinking and acting. This brings us to what you actually want to do and how you can do it. With your Human Design chart in hand, discover what suits you and what doesn’t and how you can find the space to do it your way.

Alles is inclusief:

Jouw unieke Human Design chart – geprint of PDF

Uitgebreide bespreking van de essentiële elementen van jouw chart

Concrete handvatten om in je alledaagse leven toe te passen

De opname van de sessie achteraf toegezonden