Why I am giving readings again (A new fire is alight in me)

A tree growing through a temple in Cambodia

In October 2019 I decided, after seven years of giving readings, to stop sharing my knowledge of Human Design in the form of one on one sessions. The decision came very suddenly, but it was quite definitive. I cancelled the standing appointments I had and wrote to those who had just sent in a request that I would not be able to meet them. My timing was rather interesting. Just the day before, the interview I did for a Dutch language podcast had been published. The response was very enthusiastic and my planner would have been full for the coming…

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Manifestor Wake up Call

Manifestors, let me speak to you directly. You have a very important decision to make, and I need you to not make it lightly. To those who are not Manifestors, read along carefully and you will learn how to love the Manifestors around you even more. Manifestors  – wow, where do I begin? It is actually quite simple. You have superpowers. Abilities that no other type has and that all other types crave. So realise your blessing first of all – and then realise the decision you have to make in life. ✲✲✲ Do you choose to use your powers for good…

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How do I make the right decisions?

Our path in life is determined by the choices we make, every day, every minute. So we take those choices very seriously. We take the time to think them over. We listen to the advice of others. We make pro and con lists. We do everything to make sure that we make the right decision. We want to be sure that we will end up in the right place, looking back on our decision-making with a content smile. What if I told you all this thinking is completely useless? That’s right, it’s unnecessary. The mind has no idea what to do.…

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